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My RCT3 images.


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  • My RCT3 images.

    Now I am just a beginner so don't be to harsh on me :lol:

    Anyway I took some of my favorite songs from the Country Bears track I have and made a ride out of them...To bad I don't have "Bear" scenery though .

    Oh well. The first scene in the log ride takes you into the wild west where "Rockytop Tennessee" plays (I have yet to take pictures of this area). Then you leave that scene and go down your firts drop. Then you go up the lift and are placed in middle of a spooky setting to the tune of "Ghost Riders in the Sky".
    (Click on images to get larger version)

    This is what you first see as you come up the lift (The Headless Horseman surrounded by fog):

    Then you turn into an area full of dead trees:

    (Click below image to see a larger version)

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    Re: My RCT3 images.

    How can I make my pictures bigger??? I am getting tired of them turning out so small!


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      Re: My RCT3 images.

      Then after passing by a Cemetery, you go down the steepest drop in the ride:

      You then go up another lift and start to hear this Mermaid sing "Singing in the Rain."

      You pass the mermaid and turn into an area that has been set on fire by pirates and one of them sings "Impartial to Nature".

      Then you turn a corner to see the pirates ship being attacked by a squid and the shark lurches out at you. Then you go back into the gave & go down the last 2 drops as you hear "Thank God i'm a Country Bear." Then you arrive back at the station.

      Sorry that the pics are so small. any suggestions on how I can make them larger would be nice.


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        Re: My RCT3 images.

        great pics! you just got it and are already creating great rides. Thanks for sharing! uuhh, how do you save a screen shot?


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          Re: My RCT3 images.

          To make screenshots push F10

          I resized all the images so far except for the ones in post 3. I will resize them later.
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