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RCT3 video and photo thread.


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  • RCT3 video and photo thread.

    If you have any photos of your rides or parks post them here, also If you have any videos post them too, here are some pics of a park I just created today, I have a video too, but I will post it later when google video is done verifying my video.

    First lift on River Adventure

    after the first lift and drop you enter a scene from House on Haunted hill.

    After that scene you enter the outdoor grave yard part of it.

    the second drop with green lights

    This is the pirate/carribean theme part of the ride

    same part

    then you exit and go on to the next scene

    then it's on to the castle/more caribbean themes

    when you enter the castle

    final lift

    right before drop



    right before you go back to station

    welcome back to the station

    side veiw of the ride

    other part of the park

    another side view

    bird's eye view, it's a small park right now

    Entrance to Adventure Land

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    Re: RCT3 video and photo thread.

    here's one video, the only problem is that there is no sound and it takes a while to download. This one is a log flume, I have two lof flume videos this one is the one from above. I also have a roller coaster video but Google seems to take 3 days to verify it.


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