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  • Help!!

    I am trying to get the driving pin, and I am stuck on the haunted mansion game. I have to catch 10 ghosts and I can't do it. My computer is being a pain and i can't do it. Are there any suggestions to make it easier for me to get this pin? Thanks

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    Re: Help!!

    I find it easier to use the arrow keys to negotiate the rooms. Also practice using the combination of left/right with up/down to make a diagonal move. You'll find your "player" will move a little faster in this direction making it easier for you to sneak up on ghosts, or evade the ones trying to catch you!

    You'll find it easier to catch more ghosts when you play with a good player. They will keep the "enemy" cleaned-up so you can get around easier. Sometimes it's also to your advantage to kind of tag along with the other player, letting them clear out the enemy ghosts for you so you have an easier time getting at your ghosts.

    Keep an eye out for "ghost clusters." You can get 5-10 in one good vacuum if you're lucky!

    Keep playing. With practice you'll get better. This game so totally frustrated me when I was doing the car quests that I vowed I'd never play it again! But, I had to play a lot to get 45 ghosts for the Yellow Car. Now that I've gotten kind of good at it, I actually enjoy it and just collected a 2000 credit bonus for my 100th win!
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