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How can I give RCT3 structures to other people????


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  • How can I give RCT3 structures to other people????

    Okay so I have read all of the RCT3 manual over and over again for many reasons. Now I want to know how I can upload my buildings onto the computer for others to download.

    Here is exactly what the manual said:

    "Express the architectual genius within.
    filename.dat where filename is the name you assigned to a structure you saved. Saved in the RCT3/Structures folder within the My Documents folde."

    That is all they said about loading structures. So how is that suppost to help me?? Either Atari/Frontier can't write good manuals or I am reading it wrong.

    Anyway I went to the folder my building is in and it is a .BAK file and not a .dat file for some reason.

    So do I upload the .BAK file for others to download or what?


    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE explain what I need to do so I can share my building with fellow MCers .

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    Re: How can I give RCT3 structures to other people????

    So can we even upload structures onto the internet for others to download? If so, PLEASE tell me how. .


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      Re: How can I give RCT3 structures to other people????

      I'm still trying to figure that one out too, I knwo that you have a file on RCT3 that says buildings and structures, once you save them it will save it to that file, but I don't know what to do from there...


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        Re: How can I give RCT3 structures to other people????

        Ok 1st off once you've gotten your structure made in RCT3, click on the little icon that looks like a cut away of a house after clicking the Scenery Icon, once that is clicked, click the Save Icon which looks like a Floppy Disk, then click and drag over the area where the Structure is, once that is done press save and name it.
        Close RCT3 open Mydocuments/rct3/structures then it should be in there


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