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Looking for Cowboy Pants

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  • Looking for Cowboy Pants

    OK.. I have been on the hunt for these since.. well, since I became a member! I have an offer for Cowboy pants, yet no one seems to like it..
    Here: Take a look, see if you like my offer If so, please post your VMK Title here, and tell me when you will be online and in what room to find you, so we can trade .
    Here goes..

    2x Fireworks Magic

    1x 4th of July Pin (sold at the Emporium on 4th of July)
    1x 4th of July Hat (otherwise known as red white and blue hat, also sold on 4th of July)
    1x Fantasyland Castle Retro Pin (Fantasyland Quest)
    1x Inner-Space Molecules Pin (no longer obtainable, only through trading, was an in-game quest prize)

    There it is! Please Please Please let me know if you want to trade with me

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    Re: Looking for Cowboy Pants

    If I had them..

    I would trade you


    PS: I call this offer the Fireworks Package, lol


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      Re: Looking for Cowboy Pants

      Oh finally some response
      thanks for at least making me feel like the offer is reasonable
      Yes, it is the "fireworks package", isn't it? LOL:lol:
      (p.s. if anyone would be gracious enough to add the cowboy hat to cowboy pants, I would be forever grateful:bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:


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        Re: Looking for Cowboy Pants

        Just so you know, the pin was a quest on the 4th of july .


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          Re: Looking for Cowboy Pants

          Oh, thank you PinkCHICLETT!!
          I feel stupid for putting that - yes, it was indeed from the quest - I guess I'm just so used to everything coming from the Emporium LOL:lol:
          Thanks again


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            Re: Looking for Cowboy Pants

            Good Luck, I'll tell my friend your offer, my friend is trading cowboy hat and pants.

            | /'\ |
            | | |
            | | |
            I look like that girl in real life, LOL, I'm serious.

            Wish List:
            • Mission Space Pants
            • Stitch Hat
            • Sorceror Hat
            • Blue Dress
            • Gold Dress
            Going to CHina soon, oh yeah!! lol

            SnowyFox on VMK


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              Re: Looking for Cowboy Pants

              i have cowboy pants for trade. i like the july items and the inner space pin. do you have any park items or rare costume parts to replace the pin or add on?
              *i love vmk*
              *i hate math*
              *i have 3 brothers*
              *i wish i had inferno*
              *i am 14*
              *i wish i has a lil sister*
              *i live an hour from disneyland*
              *my vacation is coming up*
              *my vacation is in the mountains*
              *...i wish i was going to WDW*