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Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...


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  • Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...

    As far as I know, this doesn't apply to anybody here. But then again, I don't think I've met more than half of you, so who knows. Anyway, things have built up over time and events during this past week have been the last straw. I've posted this on pretty much all the boards. I only post here so those that know me here, know what I'm feeling right now.


    People in the spotlight have always been scrutinized and looked over with a much more detailed eye than most. They got there through accomplishments of sorts, yet they always find themselves under fire. Any little thing they do wrong is taken under a magnifying glass. And since a virtual world is a reflection of the real world, this of course occurs there as well. VMK created a slogan which, I think, sums it up well. "Be the envy of the kingdom." Part of the object of this game is to buy/trade/collect. Collector's items are no strangers to the Disney empire. VMK just follows the standard set forth by reality.

    Many of you know me. And many of you who don't have heard of me. And for those that have neither, my VMK title is LittleDragonErin. What I say next, is not to brag or boast, but to give you a little context of why I'm writing this. I have 2 five star infernos and 2 one star infernos. I have green flips. I have green baggy pants. I have the stitch hat. I have a full sparrow suit. I have 10 rooms which, if I put them together, the value of their contents would equal at least ten more infernos. My friend list is full of people who care nothing for what I just said I have. As a matter of fact, many of them do not even know I have half that stuff. I don't have anybody on my list soley for their name or for what they have or for trades. Everybody on my list is there because I enjoy hanging out with them and doing (for the most part) nothing really.

    So where does this become a rant? Right about now. Several months ago, I found myself with 8 infernos on my lanyard. A feat for most people. Unbelievable for some. Impossible for many. And it is this last group which decided to drag me through the mud even though they did not even know me. Heck, most hadn't even seen me in the game. They decided it was easier to say I was a cheater/hacker/fraud/scammer than to go find me and ask how I was able to obtain these infernos. But you know what? I didn't care. They could believe what they wanted. I felt sorry for them, for it showed what kind of people they really were. And in such, why would I want anything to do with them. I do have to thank them however. I gained several new and true friends. Total strangers who I never met defended my name. I would later run into them in the game by chance and we've been friends since.

    A month and a half later, I acquired green flips, green baggy pants and got my infernos back up to 8. Now, I'd explain how I accomplish this, but that's not what this is about. I'll briefly say that everything except Stitch and Sparrow, I've acquired through good trading. I simply follow the rules of a good trader. I patiently wait for what I'm looking for to become available. And while waiting I collect. I upgrade what I own from buyables to quest. Quest to rare. Rare to very rare. And when what I'm looking for is up for grabs, I find out what the person trading it wants and adjust my offer accordingly. It is that simple. People say if it's that simple, then why isn't everybody as successful? Well it's because they do not understand the simple concept of reading/listening to what the person wants. And I will go into this more later. As for Stitch and Sparrow, I've booked the trip and I've won the suit from the game. Something any "poor" person can do.

    So here I am, bags+inferno+flips+stich and what happens? I'm once again dragged through the mud. And this time there's not just one or two posts on one board...but about 10 across almost every VMK message board there is. Now I'm pretty tough-skinned, but that still hurt like hell. People who never even met me were making me out to be dirt.

    I read through these posts. And I began to wonder how they justified their claims. After all, if I was what they claimed, then how do you explain the 15 CL's on my friends list? How do you explain me seeing and talking to at least one staff member every other day without them even raising an eyebrow. Even Phinny herself has quieted people's question of my possessions by answering for me. Yet it continued.

    Meanwhile, in the game, I was reported. Then reported again. And then 2 more times. (Did I mention that 2 of these reports were from Community Leaders?) Don't get me wrong. It's always great to be paid a visit from a staff member. But when they come into the room and say, "You've been reported again Little Dragon for stealing." That sort of irks me. Of course they are nice enough to tell me. After all, they could just ignore the false report and I'd never know about it. But they have come to me with the news and follow it with only encouraging words that I have no need to worry and that I should just ignore these people.
    Ignore these people...I've tried. But sometimes you just can't ignore the rain that keeps pounding on your roof. Sometimes you have to build a little barrier to protect yourself. And so I did.

    But this barrier became the next weapon against me. I tried to be nice and answer everybody's questions, no matter how stupid or rude they may be. But it got overwhelming. So, those that nagged and begged and constantly hounded me were ignored. So now I was not only a thief/scammer/cheater/hacker but mean as well. The latest of course being with my recent search to complete my beta collection. I have specific wants and do not at all enjoy scrolling through post after post of stuff I do not want. And I put specific instructions on what to offer and what not to offer on MY thread. Yet, people offer away without reading. Or they read and ignore (as they've openly admitted). And when I respond in kind, I get the labels.

    The whispers. The talk behind my back. Let me just make it clear, I hear what goes on. I have friends. Real friends that don't join the gossip. Friends that are as offended by this as I am. I'm a person. I have feelings. You tell a lie about me, and I get hurt. You want to shoot me down...fine! But how about you stand in front of my face and do it! Why are you people such cowards that you need to make up stories and whisper in dark corners about me?

    This is a game. Yes, I am good at getting what I want in this game. I am good because I take time to find out what needs to be done. I don't go around wasting time looking for another target to take pot shots at just because they have more than I do. I don't sit around creating stories about people who are more successful than me. I take charge of my character and do what I can do. So the results have been in my favor thus far. So what?

    So here I am. I've laid it all before you. You want to say something, here's your chance. Say it. I am SICK AND TIRED OF THE GOSSIP. I am OVER IT ALL.

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    Re: Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...

    Aww little <333


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      Re: Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...

      Hi LittleDragonErin,

      I don't know you but I would like to offer some words of encouragement.

      As you said in your post, the game can reflect reality and vice versa. It is no secret that people act on jealousy and do hurtful things in reality... and those same personalities will carry over into their online life because, well, they are jealous, vindictive people. They don't want to believe you worked hard and played the game smart because they don't want to have to take the time to do that. They want to believe there is a sinister plot as to how you got where you did. That way, they can justify you having what you have and them NOT having what you have.

      Just know it is all out of jealousy and spite. I am glad the staff members are aware of it and the good coming out of this is the true friends you are making. I am sorry you have to deal with this all the time. The game should be fun and not feel like a battle or that you have to justify yourself all the time. I wish there was a way that VMK staff could reprimand false reports, because that isn't right. If people knew they could be reprimanded in some way if their report turns out false, then maybe they wouldn't be clicking that report button so fast.

      Keep your chin up. It is players like you that I aspire to be. I would love to see your rooms and your collection of furniture. I would also enjoy seeing that 5 star inferno in action. I am fairly new to the game and have yet to see inferno magic done in the game (only seen pictures).
      I am


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        Re: Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...

        Don't even know what to say to your post. I'm sorry this is happening to you. Guess I would say keep in mind for every one of those kind of players there are a hundred more that don't get involved in that behavior. I tend to skip over those types of threads. Unfort alot of times it is these "negatives" that yell the loudest because they are the ones posting.

        take that jediMihawk


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          Re: Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...

          Well, I thought your post was very articulate and well thought out. I haven't heard or read any of these comments but I also haven't been posting very long so there is really no question in my mind that this is indeed happening. I can indeed empathize and sympathize.

          On a different note, I hope I run into you someday in VMK. You seem to be someone I would like....hopefully the feeling would be mutual. I would like to discuss trading strategy with you sometime. I thought I was pretty good at VMK but apparently I have much I can still learn (insert Chinese proverb of your choice). Please don't feel like you need to do this or I will tantrum. I'm not like that and quite frankly, I don't have the time or energy.

          Feel better.
          Kuzco: I can't believe this is happening.
          Yzma: Then I bet you weren't expecting *this*.
          [Yzma pulls up her dress. Kuzco and Pacha scream]
          Yzma: [Yzma revealing a knife attatched to her leg] Ah-ha.
          [Kuzco and Pacha sigh with relief] :bow:


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            Re: Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...

            I do understand what you are saying. I may not have the level of items that you carry but I hold my own. Many people calling me rich to which my response is always, "No, I just play a lot and trade well."

            I am sorry you had to go through those things with people and that you were reported for what they felt was malicious reasons. I would hope and by reading your post, I at least believe that you just happen to be someone who is good at the game, good at trading and someone who knows how to use the game to his advantage.

            That being said there will always be people who are jealous and believe that the only way a person could be so lucky, would had to have done something malicious themselves. Unfortunately, that is the way of the world.

            I personally applaud your ability to be successful and should you need a friend that won't take advantage of you in game, my name is Summer and you can find me in my room called, "Biggest Collection of Rare" ingame.


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              Re: Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...

              Oh poor erin i'm so sorry this is happening to you!! Tell those ppl off lol.. If you need me pm me i'll be there we all are right ppl?


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                Re: Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...

                WDWgirl you there?


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                  Re: Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...



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                    Re: Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...

                    Well, all I can say is use the ignore button and boot people out of your rooms - I just keep telling myself that it is a game and not real. Frankly, I whittled my friends list down to people on Micechat - that I might actually have a chance of getting to know a little bit.

                    As far as items - way to go. I'm glad you see the benefits of working hard and not begging!
                    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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                      Re: Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...

                      Hey LittleDragonErin - im not gonna tell you I know how you feel, because, well.. I don't. While I was reading that post - I realized how hurt you were by those comments that people made. Its very true - people are hurt when attacked personally by others. Now you have handled it very nicely compared to what I would have done.. I would've probably quit VMK. It's a terrible situation to be in - you have worked hard for your items, and being hassled because of that - and that shouldn't be the case - AT ALL. I have a conclusion for it - they're JEALOUS - exactly the reasoning behind the "envy of the kingdom" saying. One thing you have to remember, Dragon - you're not in this alone - just as you mentioned your real "friends" who stood up for you, you have friends here too - maybe there are a few who aren't very nice.. but for the most part, were a decent group of people . There was NO reason for your being reported, but as you can see, STAFF don't seem to really pay attention to those reports, because they know the truth - you're a kind honest person, and THAT'S what people should pay attention to. I only have friends who like me for me - not for the rare I own. And Im only friends with nice people, and I look past their rare items. The people on your friends list should be there because they are just that - your friends. Not people who like your rare. I DID have the pleasure of meeting you in your room, and I saw first hand how mean some were being. I didn't say anything ( and now I regret not sticking up for you ) but I did see how terrible it is to be picked on for actually doing something good! Its sad, it really is. But I agree with you 100% Dragon. Its bad to be talked about behind your back - why don't people come out and say it? Because its just like the real world - people DO talk behind each other's back - they ARE envious of others - its a Dog eat Dog world, but you wouldn't think that of a DISNEY game.. sad as it is - its true. Walt himself would be shamed at what is being done to the DISNEY name. It makes Disney look bad when people act like this - they are evil savages who don't know what to do to make their own lives better, so they try to ruin someone else's. Im very sorry Dragon for what is happening to you - but I wish you the best of luck. :thumbup:
                      WDWGirl :ap:


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                        Re: Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...

                        Sorry about all your troubles LittleDragonErin. :ghug: Hugs to you from me even though we have never meet. You put your feelings down very articulately and seem to be getting over the whole situation. Chin up and ignore what others say. It is hard buy you seem like a person who can do it. Good for you!:thumbup:

                        My name is Sable on VMK, I hope to run into you soon!


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                          Re: Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...

                          Dragon I may not know you but I wouldn't accuse anyone of stealing unless I had proof and good proof for that matter.Some people live close enough to WDW or DLR to get all the new stuff and keep getting old things from there in order to trade for the much rarer things in VMK.All you need to do is tell people that you can book flights all the time( maybe if that's what you can do) or that you've gone to WDW or DLR a lot of times and have gotten many new things and rarer things in order to trade for all those rare things that you have now.


                          I know that was long and you probably didn't read through the whole thing but mainly what I'm saying is tell them you can go to WDW or DLR a lot or whatever the reason that you got all of your rare items for


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                            Re: Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...

                            Good Luck with people believing you.Many people do believe you like me and all your friends for instance <3<3


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                              Re: Excuse the rant, but I have to get this out...

                              Dragon I dont know wat to say.. This whole post that you made really is true.

                              People can be so immature and mean to you. I think they are mostly jealous.



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