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Race Off

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  • Race Off

    I was just in Race Off! heres what it is.

    you race 3 by 3 from one set of crates to the other (while i was in there the team who ended on blue crates won, then my team won, ending on blue crates, so go for those! )
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    Re: Race Off

    I won! :yea: hello new churro pin :thumbup:

    ...and whats that seagull furniture thing by the "W"?


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      Re: Race Off

      I'm in the queue with 14 other people in front of me, but only with 17 minutes left . Oh well, I just hope i can get my first churro. By the way, does anyone know how long they will be giving out Churro pins?

      Edit: Wow!!! I got my first host game prize!!! Woot woot!!! I got a churro pin!!! Sorry for the bragging, but it's the first time ever!!!
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        Re: Race Off

        Awesome job, guys! and thx for the pic, Zaris.

        Mushu - that is a seagull lamp - hasn't been released, and were not sure when it will be.


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          Re: Race Off

          Those 50th chairs
          That seagull lamp!!
          Those pink crates :blink:
          I need them!


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            Re: Race Off

            sweet...maybe they will release some beach themed stuff:yea: