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I have to clear this up:


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  • I have to clear this up:

    I was just wondering about this... because I have been hearing different things, from different people.

    Are you allowed to trade credits?
    Some people have been saying yes you can. Others say it can result in a ban. I don't see anything about not trading them in the values. As long as you trade them fairly I see no harm in this. But if you ask for 10,000 for a pink ariel and someone takes that, than you'd be pretty much tearing them off. So what do you all think? I feel as long as you trade it safely, honestly & correctly, that there is no harm done. I have even traded leaders for credits. I would doubt they would do this if it was against the values. If someone steals your stuff while trading credits VMK or the fan site board you "traded" it on, they should not responsible for you losing it. I just want to clear this up. Is it against the values to trade credits?


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    Re: I have to clear this up:

    I'll have to do some research to back up what I'm about to state, but:

    I remember seeing posted on VMK something stating that transferring credits via Quest Kiost was NOT technically against VMK values, but that VMK would "prefer" that the kiosk be used only for quests. Lots of wiggle room there.

    "Buying" items for credits via a quest kiosk can be perilous. The person with the stuff can be ripped off. The person with the credits can be ripped off.

    Just like trading stuff for codes... be careful. Know who you're trading with!
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      Re: I have to clear this up:

      Vmk had it posted on the site while it was not techinicly against vmk values to use the quest kiosk for trading credits Vmk would wish that the quest kiosk be not be used to trade credits


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        Re: I have to clear this up:

        I honestly find NOTHING wrong with it.
        Think about it..
        if VMK didn't want us to trade credits, then WHY would they make it possible to win ( almost like trading ) credits in the kiosk? They would have made it so that we can't, and the only items winnable would be the actually PRIZES, like furniture, pins, clothing, etc.
        I am not POSITIVE about this info, but im just using common sense.
        Maybe Im right.
        Maybe Im crazy.
        I guess it depends how u look at it.


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