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narnia teleporters

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  • narnia teleporters

    i have been playing this narnia game to get the teleporters but i can't seem to ever find them. i know that it happens randomly but i can't seem to get my hands on some. i don't want to trade, i just need some advice from someone to help me with this game!
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    Re: narnia teleporters

    Pretty much all you can do is keep playing. The estimate is that they are awarded about every 500 plays. Of course, this could mean that you might get them on your next game, or you may have to play 3000 more games!

    Are they still non-tradeable?
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      Re: narnia teleporters

      Originally posted by Tom Chaney View Post
      Are they still non-tradeable?
      Yup. Still non-tradeable and not becoming trade able for quite some time. I want Narnia back in trades! Anyways, why would anyone want to trade a Narnia Lamp Post? Or a Map wiht Snow? That was the helpful part about Narnia becoming non-tradeable

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