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Will Codes really expire?


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  • Will Codes really expire?

    The expiration date on the back of Series 1 and many Series 2 VMK cards is fast approaching: September 30, 2006. Does anyone know for sure if the codes REALLY will become invalid if not entered by that date? They are still giving out some of these soon-to-expire cards at DLR.

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    Re: Will Codes really expire?

    I didn't know that the codes expired. I always thought that it was the quests that expired then. And if the cards do have expiration dates, I would guess then they do actually expire. So I would enter them quickly lol.


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      Re: Will Codes really expire?

      My guess is: those codes will be no good after Sept 30. I will be at Disneyland next week and plan on collecting a deck of code cards. I'm not going to take a chance. All those codes will be entered before the end of the month.

      I may try to trade a few room codes, but anything not traded by Sept. 29 becomes another storeroom for me.
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        Re: Will Codes really expire?

        Why is timing the way it is

        I have a 50 hidden mickey coupon and a high score jungle cruse coupon. Both expire Sep 30. Of course I will be at WDW two weeks after that date. Two weeks too late.

        Anybody willing to help me out ?

        Barring that, anybody want to trade for them ?

        Barring that, andybody want them?

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