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My Stitch HAT Offer :)


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  • My Stitch HAT Offer :)

    Hi ppl this is my stitch hat offer
    <3 stitch hat <3 stitch hat :P
    Plz me sure to read information and if you dont know what i flip/backwards hat is i am wearing it in the pick.
    coffin is not in offer in leads to my trade room lol
    plz post replies and opinions in a rexpectful and nice way
    dont just offer critisism but suggestions as well...
    if you accept plz pm me and post below

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    Re: My Stitch HAT Offer

    hey great offer
    JamiPrincess on VMK


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      Re: My Stitch HAT Offer

      Thats a awesome offer if I had a stitch hat i would trade it to you but i dont maybe tell people trading stitch hat that you offer bat magic and those other things that cant be in a room if you dont already
      I am quiting VMK people because it almost killed my computer so if there is anything you ppl might want that I might have message me and tell me I have 4 star fireworks and all the halloween clothes and more so just ask!


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        Re: My Stitch HAT Offer

        Great offer.
        You have a great chance of getting it. I'll be honest though, there isn't more than 1 or 2 people here on Mice Chat VMK that have a stitch hat. Maybe try other sites also.


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          Re: My Stitch HAT Offer

          Very Nice Offer I wish you luck, but I do agree with moon, there are not many people with stitch hat here.
          >Siggie Made By Moi<


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            Re: My Stitch HAT Offer

            If it would help, I can tell you what I traded my Stitch set for. My next set I would probably want even more for. (I won't post it here unless you invite me to)
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