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  • Trading For Credits!

    If you're trading credits,please state what you want and how many credits you're trading for it.I'll tell you if I have it and if I'm willing to trade.

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    Re: Trading For Credits!

    DLR quest fantasyland pin
    turkeyleg pin
    red penny press
    red turnstile
    herbie jacket (for really good offer)
    im not sure how much i want so just makee an offer and ill answer yes/no
    i possibly might have more! i desperatly need credits for haloween! lol im playing pirates 24/7


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      Re: Trading For Credits!

      Wait, I think she is trading her stuff for credits, not trading credits for stuff :lol:


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        Re: Trading For Credits!

        :lol: oh! lol
        i knew that:blush:


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          Re: Trading For Credits!

          Jay's right lol.right


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            Re: Trading For Credits!

            We all make our mistakes, espicially around Halloween when we jump at the first sight of a sentence containing the 2 words: credits and trade :lol:


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              Re: Trading For Credits!

              LOL.So..Is anyone trading creddiitsss!!!Waahh!!


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                Re: Trading For Credits!

                lol!i dont need the trade part i just jump at


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                  Re: Trading For Credits!

                  If I understand right, you're willing to trade your stuff for our credits?

                  OK. Here's a list of pins I would like to have. If you have any, I will give you 1000 credits each.

                  ATIS Mighty Eye (I would like 2 of these)
                  Tomorrowland 8/9
                  HM Bride
                  HM Grave Digger
                  HM Madame Leota
                  Holiday 2005
                  Star Of Mickey
                  HK Disneyland
                  HK Disneyland Hotel (the one that doesn't show an actual hotel)
                  Pirates Insider Tour
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                    Re: Trading For Credits!

                    Alright, well this is what I'm currently looking for..
                    Grey Mansion Suit (No Top Hat)
                    Green Explorer (No boots)
                    Princess Hat
                    Haunted Mansion Gravedigger Pin
                    ATIS Mighty Eye Pin
                    Everest 3/5 Pin (Yeti Footprint)
                    Hotel Series Pins - DLR Paradise Pier Hotel Pin, HKDL Hollywood Hotel Pin, WDW Grand Floridian
                    Hong Kong Pins - Hong Kong Disneyland Pin, Hong Kong Adventureland Pin, Hong Kong Tomorrowland Pin
                    Holiday Pins, mainly Four Leaf Clover Pins
                    Waterpark pins - Blizzard Beach, Surfing Pin
                    Churro Pin

                    Not too sure on the prices yet. PM me back if you have any of the above and we can work out a price.

                    Spike :captain:


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                      Re: Trading For Credits!

                      I have churro,four leaf clover,surfing pin for trade Mr.Spike.Tom Chaney,I don't have ANY of those pins that you want.Sorry!


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