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The Firework Castle Game.


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  • The Firework Castle Game.

    I thought I would post my secrets on how to get to the Final stage..and how i got 2nd in the game..

    1. best to play when less people around. ( More chance of winning)

    2. Knowing your Controls and where your Sybols are

    3. At The Start Of Each Round Place Your Cusor Near the top.
    As the fireworks draw close to it

    4. NEVER wait for the Star just as the firework dissapears ONLY if you have a slow computer

    5. It's Not how the firework explodes that gets you the points you get more if it explodes higer in the air.

    6. havent got time to change icon then click it anyway. you will still get points but not as many but thats better than zero

    7. Dont Get angry if you miss a firework

    8. make sure if you ahve a wireless mouse that the batteries work well i got very far and mouse cut out lol

    9. If you are playing just for Credits Then stop after 140,000 DONT quit game. However if you think you can make it to stage 5 then carry on getting there will earn you about 500 and 3 pins Gold silver and bronze Firework badges ( badges only given out one time)

    10. Enjoy The game


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