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The VMK Toolbar - FAQ


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  • The VMK Toolbar - FAQ

    The Virtual Magic Kingdom includes a toolbar, without it you would not be able to go anywhere or do anything. This FAQ is designed to better educate you on the Toolbar to better optimize your VMK experience. Please note, these images were altered in Paint shop Pro to optimize appearance.

    The toolbar is ever changing, there are buttons added and removed based on the demand and enhancements of the game.

    -The current Toolbar, To help you I have divided it into 3 parts.

    -Part 1

    -Part 2

    -Part 3
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    Re: The VMK Toolbar - FAQ

    Part 1
    These five buttons are helpful or needed to navigate the kingdom.

    -This button will tell you where you are, description of the room. If you’re in a guest room it also tells you who owns the room.

    -This button will open a map. The map is divided by lands, which in this screen shot are at the top. if you click any of the lands you will see its map. You may click on any of the names and enter that room. If you click advanced you may pick which occurrence of the room. if it is unchecked, you will be placed in any of the many occurrences.

    -This is your items. The item window is divided into many Tabs to show you what you have. the first tab is good if you need to know how many credits you currently have. the last tab is there to enter codes you receive from the parks or friends.

    -This button shows you the mail you have, if it is important you may want to screen shot it, otherwise when you click next it is lost forever. the tab next to it will show your friend list, and will allow you to change to the exact room they are in, unless they are in a restricted room or a game.

    -If you click on this, you may shop in any of the shops. if you’re in the shop and open this you will get a special tab, which will showcase the new items that are there for a limited engagement. the first tab lets you see what rooms you may purchase, usually for 500 credits a piece.

    -The last button in this section will open the VMK quests. These are made by the VMK staff to play during a certain period of time to earn items. Player made quests will not show up in quests unless you are already playing them.


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      Re: The VMK Toolbar - FAQ

      Part 2

      These two buttons are helpful when your around the kingdom.

      -When you’re talking, you may click this and have a smilie display above your head. This is great for when you being sarcastic or something else. you may show what emotion your in about a topic or anything. Just be sure to click the correct smilie.

      -The bar in the middle is your text. You click on it, then type. If the text turns red, then you cannot say the word. Be sure you spelled it right, or your friend is on your friend list.

      -This is where your magic is located upon placing it on your avatar. The magic can be activated either double clicking on it, or by saying the code word. such as Dracula! for Turn Into Bat.


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        Re: The VMK Toolbar - FAQ

        Part 3


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