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What am I supposed to be doing?


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  • What am I supposed to be doing?

    OK, so I am pretty new to the boards and I see that a bunch of you like this VMK thingamajig. I decide I want to give it a try and I sign up. What am I supposed to be doing now? I wander aimlessly about and there seems to be a bunch of pretty areas with other people wandering aimlessly around. I see 4 games and a ton of places that I can't go until I complete quests that I can't find. What now?
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    Re: What am I supposed to be doing?

    Well, play all the games. And lots of them. It will start you off on your credit adventure, and help you before you start quests. Then, start the basic magic pin quests, and guides are here on this board. Buy things from shops, and decorate your rooms, and possibly create a wonderful quest or game room, based on an original idea. Basically the main idea is to have fun, but also to get all the items in VMK.

    Sorry that was sort of a vague explanation. Possibly someone else can explain it better !


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      Re: What am I supposed to be doing?

      Welcome to the boards and to VMK. I sooooo get what you are saying. When VMK first opened, I joined. I wandered around interesting lands and didn't find much to do... or couldn't figure out what to do... and quit playing for nearly a year.

      The mini-games: Fireworks, Jungle Cruise, Mansion, Pirates... are challenging and can be fun. They're also how you earn credits to be able to buy furniture, pins and outfits for your character. If virtual pretend isn't your thing, then VMK may not hold your interest.

      You'll find lots of hints and tips here. Read all the "stickeys."

      As for the quests, begin at the Autopia Quest Deck. Do that one, then go to the Capt Nemo Quest Headquarters, then finally the Space Quest Deck. (I'm not using the exact right names, but you'll understand.) Don't forget to hit the "Q" button for some additional quests.

      VMK can be purely social, a place to play video games, pin collecting, furniture collecting, outfit collecting, building a pile of credits, decorating rooms for fun, creating games and quests for your friends to play... or all of the above... and more.

      Or, it could be a crashing bore. Give it a couple of weeks or months. Keep coming back here and reading everything you can.

      If you ever find me, TCTC on VMK, let me know. I'll put you on my friends list and give you a tour of VMK.
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