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  • Fireworks Points Analysis

    This is incomplete and may not be 100% accurate, but since I saw someone post a video, I thought it might be time to go ahead and post what I have before someone else wasted their time counting. I've gotten a maximum score of 278,000-ish, but I thought if I looked at it this way, I'd see where my bench-marks are, so if I fail to get there, I just fall back on the 240,000 level to get the most credits. I'll do some more work on it and fill in the blanks as I can, but feel free to add your own comments...

    Points Analysis of Castle Fireworks mini-game:

    Level 1 - Stage 1 = 13 (GOOD SCORE=12,500)
    Level 1 - Stage 2 = 16 (GOOD SCORE=27,500)
    Level 1 - Stage 3 = 19 (GOOD SCORE=45,000)
    TOTAL:48 fireworks x 1,000 = 48,000

    You really shouldn't miss any here. If you do, it's not the biggest deal in the world, because even a miss only means 1,000 points. The problem will be coupling that with the dual shot fireworks in round two if they are half-way across the screen from each other. I've actually finished this level with all FLAWLESS a couple of times, but you still won't get 48,000. I think I had almost 47,000. ONE time on the first firework i clicked perfectly and got 1,000 points, but that just won't happen for an entire round.

    Level 2 - Stage 1 = 16 (GOOD SCORE=60,000)
    Level 2 - Stage 2 = 15 (GOOD SCORE=75,000)
    Level 2 - Stage 3 = 23 (GOOD SCORE=95,000)
    TOTAL: 54 fireworks x 1,000 = 54,000

    Things get dicey once the red saturn and green spiral come in to play. The red saturns have a short "fuse" and the green ones have one of the longest wait times, so clicking the right ones first (or lining up your cross-hairs with the right one selected) gets tricky. The most annoying fireworks start to become the tri-pink rings, because they have an in-between "fuse", but usually accompany the purple spirals and the gold starbursts. Even really good players might miss a firework or two in this level.

    Level 3 - Stage 1 = 15 (GOOD SCORE=110,000)
    Level 3 - Stage 2 = 19 (GOOD SCORE=125,000)
    Level 3 - Stage 3 = 25 (GOOD SCORE=145,000)
    TOTAL: 59 fireworks x 1,000 = 59,000

    This level has got a stretch in there somewhere with a click-a-second pace, but luckily, it's also only got solo shots during that time. I believe this level ends with a small flurry of one kind of fireworks (one of two kinds), then three other fireworks spread across the screen. I've hit two on occasion, but sometimes the last firework shot is too high and leaves the screen from the left-hand side to the top left...almost impossible to not miss one or two fireworks on this level, but hopefully, you haven't missed too many before that spot. If you're not at least close to 110,000 points after the first stage of this level, you need to consider trying for 240,000 instead of a high score.

    Level 4 - Stage 1 = 22 (GOOD SCORE=165,000)
    Level 4 - Stage 2 = 23 (GOOD SCORE=190,000)
    Level 4 - Stage 3 = 27 (GOOD SCORE=210,000)
    TOTAL: 72 fireworks x 1,000 = 72,000

    Here's the'll know by the end of this level whether you'll be trying for a high score or closest to 240,000 points. The 210,000 point total is a good "measuring stick." If you get there, or at least less than 1,000 points away, you have a shot at 280,000. The tri-yellow fireworks becomes a nuisance here, because of a long "fuse" coupled with a short "white star". You could get anything from GOOD to FLAWLESS when clicking on it, in my experience. The light blue star fireworks makes it's first appearance right during a span with a red saturn and a green spiral, but you have to click the spiral early or you'll miss the light blue star, then you have to get ready for some tri-yellow fireworks mixed with green spirals and i think some tri-pink rings. Remember, If you don't have at least 209,000 points, don't bother trying to get a high score...concentrate on getting to at least around 220,000 on the first level of stage five in order to set up your run at a low 240,000 score.

    Level 5 - Stage 1 = 24 (GOOD SCORE=230,000)
    Level 5 - Stage 2 = 22 (GOOD SCORE=250,000)
    Level 5 - Stage 3 = 17 before flurry (7 initial flurry) (16 secondary flurry)
    TOTAL: 86 fireworks x 1,000 = 86,000
    GRAND TOTAL: 319 fireworks x 1000 = 319,000 perfect score

    Make it or break it should know right now whether you're trying for high score of the day or just a credit winner. One of the stages starts out with a single shot, followed by a volley of short "fuse" fireworks. Your point total will change the fireworks. For example: If you have over 240,000 before starting the last stage of level five, the initial final flurry should be light blue stars followed by a secondary flurry of dark blue tri-stars. If you have less, it probably will make it impossible for you to get a high score with tri-yellow followed by dark blue tri-stars. There may be a point level in there with tri-yellow followed by light blue stars, but I haven't seem them in a long time, or I might have imagined it. Remember, you're trying to get over but as close to 240,000 as possible, so getting FLAWLESS isn't your actually want to probably select the wrong fireworks cross-hairs and get an OOPS! until you get just above 240,000. A good score when trying for the credits is less than 240,100. Any higher and you're probably finishing first, unless you play with someone going for a high score.

    I'll leave you with this last note of advice: CLICK LATE AND CLICK OFTEN!
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    "Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted in spite of your changing moods." -- C.S. Lewis

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    Re: Fireworks Points Analysis

    Not to be mean but it is nearly impossible to get 155k by the end of the third round. 145k would be a good score. I have gotten 148k and that was the time I got 281k. So 255k would be a riddiculous score- I have never gotten over 150k at the end of round 3 nor recall seeing it done. Maybe that was a typo. Also 215k is a high score for 4. When I reached 281 I had 211k. So 210k is a good score I guess you could say.


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      Re: Fireworks Points Analysis

      Sorry to say this FlAmMaBle, but he was saying PERFECT scores. I have never played and seen someone get those high of points either. But you are correct, of how a score a little under still can get you there.

      SportsGuy: Wondeful guide!!! Will certainly help me learn where I need to brush up to get a highscore for once! Thank you very much!


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        Re: Fireworks Points Analysis

        No he is talking about good socres, and they are not logical to me to get 155k if you are planning on geting 280k, he did not distribute the poitns correctly I meant.
        I am sure it is not humanly possible to get 155k at end of three due to ones where you cannot get flawless and stuff.


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          Re: Fireworks Points Analysis

          Sorry if my guesses were off, I've adjusted them for someone that has actually got over 280,000, but when I play again, I'll see where my scores fall.
          "Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted in spite of your changing moods." -- C.S. Lewis


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            Re: Fireworks Points Analysis

            Ok, since I don't want to start a new thread, and this is sort of on topic, do you get more than the normal 675 credits if you get a highscore? Or is it just for bragging rights?


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              Re: Fireworks Points Analysis

              If you get 240k and don't come in first you get 1300 credits everytime. I got 279k a high score at the time and got like 2500 credits, but then when I got 281k I got hardly nothing because it was my second high score. Anyway I also got a cupon the first time that didn't work and garbage items. Best bet is the 240k and don't win.


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                Re: Fireworks Points Analysis

                Okay. Because for some reason I was just scoring really high with like 271k, and was wondering if it was worth it to try to go a little farther. I think I will stick with 240k then. Thanks.


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                  Re: Fireworks Points Analysis

                  thanks! i find this very helpful!


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