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VMK Name And Time Zone


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  • VMK Name And Time Zone

    I read the thread about BigPigletFan's Transporter project and I think it is a really cool idea. But, for those of us who don't have Transporter's yet and would like to make friends with fellow MCers (especially those newbies ... me being one of them) I was wondering if you would post the following:
    1. VMK Name
    2. Time Zone or State
    So, here is my info to start off with. Hope to meet some of you soon.
    1. TikiRoomLiz
    2. Pacific Time / California
    Plus, I was wondering how many of you are going to be doing the DL Halloween Quest at the park. I think it would be cool to get together and do it as a group, if it's possible.

  • #2
    Re: VMK Name And Time Zone

    VMK Name: MissEmilyLouise
    Time Zone: Central/Texas

    I have transporters, but don't know what the project is being discussed. I would love to have more MC friends on VMK.
    My VMK name is MissEmilyLouise and I love pink!!


    • #3
      Re: VMK Name And Time Zone

      1. stichers
      2. Eastern Time/Connecticut


      • #4
        Re: VMK Name And Time Zone

        VMK Name: SuperSoccerGurlie
        Time Zone: Eastern/NJ

        Made by me


        • #5
          Re: VMK Name And Time Zone

          Southern Florida/EST



          • #6
            Re: VMK Name And Time Zone

            1.ace_girl_ace (dont ask, vmk suggested soem of it and i made up the rest 0_o)
            2.Canada/EASTERN (3 hours ahead)
            the oc freak. <3*


            • #7
              Re: VMK Name And Time Zone

              The_Imagine (muahahaha)


              • #8
                Re: VMK Name And Time Zone

                1. KrazyMagic
                2. EST// New York



                • #9
                  Re: VMK Name And Time Zone

                  VMK Name: SnapplePlucked *It's too hard, I know!*
                  Time Zone/State: Eastern/Florida

                  ~Snap :cwink:


                  • #10
                    Re: VMK Name And Time Zone

                    1. World-of-Magic

                    2. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). london
                    World of MagicThe Magic is in My hands


                    • #11
                      Re: VMK Name And Time Zone

                      VMK Name: Danceguest
                      Time Zone/State:
                      Canada/alberta/calgary- time- mountain.

                      Hehe FYI i took your little design type thing snapple
                      danceguest :love:


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                        Re: VMK Name And Time Zone



                        • #13
                          Re: VMK Name And Time Zone

                          VMK name: HarvestMoonRocks
                          Time zone: Western / calafornia =)


                          • #14
                            Re: VMK Name And Time Zone

                            VMK Name: SunfireGirly
                            Time Zone/ State : Western / Oregon
                            VMK Name: SunfireGirly
                            Green Flips
                            Pink Flips
                            Black Flips
                            White Flips ( highlight <-- )
                            Space Pants
                            Stitch Hat

                            VOTE FOR PEDRO
                            AND LET YOUR WILDEST DREAMS COME TRUE
                            NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE ROX


                            • #15
                              Re: VMK Name And Time Zone

                              1.Vmk Name kelseygofigure
                              2. Illinios/ Central time zone

                              Thanks Flammable

                              MAth Wiz-Kelsey
                              Volleyball Champ-Kelsey
                              Nice Friend-Kelsey
                              Micechat User-Kelsey
                              Laughs A Lot-Kelsey
                              Chicago White Sox Fan-Kelsey
                              Scorpio (my zodiac)-Kelsey
                              Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas!

                              I LOVE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN!!


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