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  • DLR Halloween Quest Hints

    You are encouraged to do this quest on your own. I'm just posting some helpful hints here. No direct answers.

    1. A giant pumpkin sits in Town Square, look very closely... whose face does it bear?
    HINT: Trust me. You don't need help with this question!

    2. Seek out Walt and Mickey holding hands, and then partner these jack-o-lanterns with their lands.
    Jack Skellington:
    Buzz Lightyear: Tomorrowland
    HINT: One land has already been filled-in for you on the quest form. This question is really easy if you just think about the land each character is most associated with.

    3. Giddy-up, and away we go! Who is the host of Woody's Halloween Roundup Show?
    HINT: You really should go over to the show and read the sign. Just drift on along like a tumbling... uh... what are they called?

    4. Some things remain from the Mansion's face lift. Want did Sandy Claws rewrap for Leota's gift?
    HINT: One of the items, Leota already has. If you think take some time to think about it for a second... or a minute... or an hour... she only has a use for one of the others.

    5. If Christmas can be summed up by math, you'd expect that _____ equals Santa's hat.
    HINT: Huh? OK. Let's do it this way: Pumpkin, Mincemeat and Pecan multiplied by themselves, then multiplied by December.

    6. At the poker table, a cheater should be banned. What duplicate card does he have in his hand?
    HINT: A high card with a symbol that might remind you of a pawn shop.

    7. The letters "A" in California seemed to have disappeared. In their place, what has appeared?

    HINT: Only one of the treats listed looks kind of like an "A".

    8. Scream for the winner of this award. They receive this statue as their reward.
    HINT: Fantasia

    9. The Halloween gala is a spooky affair. Search the hotel and you'll find it where?
    HINT: You'll need to ride the elevator all the way up. Three words in the name. The first is for your waiter. The second is your very formal male chapeau. The third is your mashie niblick.
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