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Planning on getting the game...sorta need help


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  • Planning on getting the game...sorta need help

    I heard they stopped making things for the game. Is this true? And if so, is it still wise to get the game, and get all the extra things? Please help. This looks like a wonderful and very exciting game, and I just want to make sure it's worth my money and time.

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    Re: Planning on getting the game...sorta need help

    Well yes, its pretty much been said, that whats out for RCT3 is all thats gonna come out. RCT whether it be 1, 2, or 3 is still the best theme simulator around. If youre going for price and you dont mind not having flashy 3-d graphic and being able to actually ride your rides, by all means I suggest RCT2. A lot of people prefer it, mostly because you have to have a pretty good graphics card to get the most out of RCT3. But if youre looking for a more full immersion experience, I would suggest going with RCT3. Now that thats cleared, we can deal with the expansion packs. I suggesting getting at least Soaked if youre going with RCT3, it fixes a lot of the bugs the original game has and adds water park elements and laser effects to fireworks displays, if youre like me, you will also want Wild the third expansion, all it really adds though is some extra rides, a couple themes, and the ability to add animal attractions. Which is prettu cool but oerall, probably only necessary for hardcore Tycoons. as for RCT2 expansions you can just buy the Triple Thrills pack and get all of them wrapped in one for a pretty low price and all of the additions are good. If thats not enough help to make a decision just say the word and ill bring out some facts and figures.


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