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Rockstar's Bully: Play it or else!!!


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  • Rockstar's Bully: Play it or else!!!

    It's kind of funny.

    Ever since GTA 3 came out there have been people trying, largely unsuccessful, to use their open-world formula. Vice City and San Andreas are both great games adding on and changing elements and so forth.

    And then there's Bully. This is what all those other game companies have been trying to do.

    It has the same fantastic atmosphere and satirical humor that Rockstar has in most all of their games, as well as an open world and quest based system. But it carves its own unique section out of that block and we are left with a fantastically creative game.

    There was tons of talk about this game, calling it GTA: High School, or worse a "Columbine Simulator" (from Hilary Clinton by the way). After playing it I can say it's neither. You DO have weapons: Sling Shots, potato guns, fire crackers, itching powder, stink bombs... you don't get guns and you can't kill people. To my, and many others, surprise it's only rated T for Teen and I don't think anything in the content would be considered Mature. Some potty humor, but nothing worse than in Austin Powers.

    It does share one thing with the GTAs though: A never ending supply of distractions and mini games. Off the top of my head you can take photos for the year book, ride a roller coaster, have a paper route, mow lawns, play soccer, do word jumbles, go on dates, play video games (within a video game) play midway games, ride bikes, ride skateboards, not to mention the collection of items scattered throughout the world.

    I've had tons of fun playing it so far and can't wait to play it again. It does have some frame rate issues, and the loading screen is up quite a bit, but it's one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played.
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    Re: Rockstar's Bully: Play it or else!!!

    Very interesting. I've been hesistant about buying it because I didn't know if I would like it (even though I love all the GTA games), but I might have to give it a try now.


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      Re: Rockstar's Bully: Play it or else!!!

      I can't WAIT to see how Hilary Clinton and the other crazed politicians spin this game...

      Let the lack of parental responsibility commense!


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