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Disney World Questions..


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  • Disney World Questions..

    I don't know where to ask this so I decided to just put it in the lounge. I'm going to DW in November and I have a few questions about the in park quests..

    For the new pirate quest- Are there pamplets like the adventureland/frontierland ones? How do I get them if they aren't like that?

    Is there anything else new that I should know before going? I will print out HSM/Thrill Seekers/Tomorrowland. I will also do the adventureland/fantasyland/frontierland quests. But is there anything else new?

    I've found that making a new character at VMK Central is hard.. Everytime I do it it doesn't work. Is it a hit and miss thing where it works sometimes, and then doesn't?

    Also, is there anything for A year of a Million Dreams?

    If any of these questions are answered it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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    Re: Disney World Questions..

    Before you Go:

    1) Print out the following quests from the link on the VMK homepages. The other quests you can get from VMK Central on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.
    a. Tomorrowland
    b. Thrillseeker
    c. High School Musical
    2) On a character who has not done it before play the following:
    a. Get High Score on Jungle Cruise
    b. Get High Score on Fireworks.
    c. Win 10 times on Level 3 of Pirate of Caribbean Game.
    d. Find all the Hidden Mickeys (start in VMK Central in VMK).
    e. Play Everest game and get free picture pdf? (does that still happen?)
    f. Print out any .pdfs you get from achieving these goals.
    At WDW:

    1) Do In-Park Quests and Hand them in at VMK Central on Main Street 2) Buy Stuff where you get a VMK card with purchase 4) Create a New Character at VMK Central
    Make sure to write down info about the characters you create!
    VMK Login:
    VMK Title:

    THANK YOU Bopper of VMKMagicfor this info.


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      Re: Disney World Questions..


      I'm still not sure about the new pirate quest though. How do I get it?
      And is there an easy way to making a new character? Everytime I do it I get "that name has been used already" or I get through but I get BSOD.


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