I'm looking for a green explorer top! I would prefer no camera, but if it does that is okay too. I'm not exactly sure what to offer for it.. but I have a few things I can trade.

I have:

1 x Yellow Tiki Idol
1 x Blue Tiki Idol
1 x Ace Rug
1 x Magenta Heart Chair
2 x Blue Crates
2 x Red Heart Chair
2 x Red tiki idol
3 x Gold Tiki Rgus
2 x Tron tank seats
3 x Tiki Dividers (Red and yellow)


1 x One of each - Bit, Reconizer and MCP Tron pins
1 x Fantasyland quest
1 x Frontierland quest
1 x Typhoon Lagoon
1 x Blizzard Beach
1 x Tomorrowland 1/5
1 x Tomorrowland 4/5