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  • Pin Trading

    OK. I'm down to just a few pins to a complete set. (Unless I'm unaware of some... which I might be!)

    Here's what I still need:

    ATIS Mighty Eye
    Tomorrowland 8/9
    Pirates Insider Tour

    Here are pins I have to trade:

    50th Celebration Quest
    Halloween Ghost Pin
    Master Gracey
    4-Leaf Clover
    Fireworks Magic (1 thru 5 star)
    Teleportation Magic
    Tron Lightcycle
    VMK Fantasyland Quest
    VMK Frontierland Quest

    I have more, but these are the best ones. I have some rare furniture, mostly DLR quest stuff. A lot of the Pirate Maze walls and turrets. And plenty of credits.

    I also still have a High School Musical Gym code and three Pirate Fortress Room codes.
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    Re: Pin Trading

    gl with that oh btw mei-ling ( on vmk) wants a HSM code she has some things like tron teleport and lightcycles


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      Re: Pin Trading

      I'll give you Tomorrowland 8/9 &
      Pirates Insider Tour for free.


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        Re: Pin Trading

        What do you want for Master Gracey? Here is what I have for trade:

        pick what and how much you think is fair and we can discuss it!