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PS3/Wii: What is(n't) in the box


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    Re: PS3/Wii: What is(n't) in the box

    Originally posted by Soulquarian View Post
    From what I hear, the Virtual Console games will never be free. The price may be adjusted as the year moves on though.

    Personally, I can't really see why I should pay $5 for a digital copy of a game when I can go to my local EBGames and get a cartridge for around 50 cents. I thought the whole purpose of digital media was to be cheaper since you don't have to pay for materials?

    From what I've heard, the GC controller will only be used for GC games. The Wii plays GC discs, so you can't download Gamecube games anyway.

    Some titles will be developed exclusively for the Classic Controller like Super Smash Bros., but it doesn't make sense fiscally to develop two control patterns for multiple controllers.

    Same here. But if anyone gets one.. um, can I come over and play?

    youknow I don't know were people got the free idea from really, why would Nintendo do taht for free when game collectors CD's have been selling so well? (not just for Nintendo but other publishers too)

    I will say taht I feel the N64 games are overpriced and the NES games should deffinatly be in the 50cent to one dollar range (depending on how much depth they have and I'm talking about GOOD CLASSIC NES games) SNES and N64 should really be about the same cost of $5 or so just because they have similar depth and scope (though some SNES games should probably be around 3 dollars cause they're shallow of course the same could be said for shallow N64 games)

    anywho it depends on the game and I do think that the idea of having them all on one system isn't a bad one so I'll probably end up getting a few VC games eventually (probably at some point next year when there's a lag in game releases and I have a couple spare bucks)

    I've heard mixed info from Nintendo interviews on if you can or cant' use the GC controler for retro console games but it sure sounds like you can, I also don't think that Smash would have trouble running on either the GC or retro controler (the two schemes wouldn't be THAT hard to organize really heck most dev did it for multiconsole games that were ported between the PS2 and GC)

    and yeah I think everyone's got different priorities, I'm thinking of saving up to either buy a 360 or a PS3 next year, really wanna play Dead Rising and the next Devil May Cry o_o
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      Re: PS3/Wii: What is(n't) in the box

      is there a place were we can go to request what gamwes we want to see on the virtual consol, i really want to play the friday the 13th and nightmare on elm street games, as well as robocop vs. terminator


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