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It was the best of was the worst of was BPF's Halloween party!!


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  • It was the best of was the worst of was BPF's Halloween party!!

    I had something near 47 pictures taken. Obviously I couldn't post that much. So I was able to reduce it to about 35 . Let me upload them and put them on in a sec. For you past repliers like me, wait . I sort of went picture happy at the beinning and took less pictures later. Ok, here's the thing. I don't want to sit here adding all the pictures to my post. You don't want to sit here scrolling through everyone. So go to this link to see them.

    The password is vmk. If you guys wants to explore the rest of my photos, be my guest. All they are is poking fun at politics, pictures of my dogs, and images needed for my myspace layout. Hope you all enjoy!

    Sorry I made a new thread instead of posting in the old one. My original intent was to post them, but I am too tired to post every one of them. You can merge then if you like mods. But I like the title !

    Last edited by BigPigletFan; 11-16-2006, 10:37 AM. Reason: I'll just add one photos here. ;)

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    Re: It was the best of was BPF's Halloween party!!

    Yeah did you see me at the party? I had a great time there but unfortunatly I had to leave because I was going to this lame graduation ceremony of my cousin's.

    I hope we have another party like this soon.

    Thanks Flammable

    MAth Wiz-Kelsey
    Volleyball Champ-Kelsey
    Nice Friend-Kelsey
    Micechat User-Kelsey
    Laughs A Lot-Kelsey
    Chicago White Sox Fan-Kelsey
    Scorpio (my zodiac)-Kelsey
    Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas!



    • #3 was BPF's Halloween party!!

      Haha. I didnt get to go through all 35 pics because I have to get going to school. Ill be sure to go through the rest of them later. Thanks
      the oc freak. <3*


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        Great pictures dubeskin

        take that jediMihawk


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          Re: It was the best of was the worst of was BPF's Halloween par

          Great pictures, too bad I couldn't come.


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