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The Rare Checkoff List.


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  • The Rare Checkoff List.

    This Thread is going to let you know all of the rare items that came out halloween, and the ones out during christmas and ill be editing it when more come out. (hopefully like snowman magic) This will help you organize what you have, what you might want to trade for while all the losers are trying to trade these items now thinking their super rare, and what you might have not known about the newly released christmas list.
    (ps mods. if this is in the wrong section. move it. )

    Week 1 of Halloween
    • Yellow Princess dresss
    • Crown (girls only)
    • Brown Haunted Mansion
    • Black Haunted Mansion
    • Bat Magic
    • Kings Crown (boys only)
    • Halloween Bat pin
    • Pumpkin Bag
    • Chernabog Rug
    • Mickey Pumpkin
    • Skeleton Chair
    • Spider Web Wall divider
    Week 2 of Halloween
    • Blue Dress
    • Native american
    • Wtiches Hat
    • Witch Pin
    Week 3 of Halloween
    • SuperHero Green
    • SuperHero Pink
    • Yellow Explorer
    • Yellow Explorer (WITH BINACULARS)
    • Halloween Candy Dispenser
    • Jafar Hat
    Week 4 of Halloween
    • Pink Dress
    • Cowboy Black
    • Cowboy Black with Sheriff
    • Cowboy Red
    • Cowboy Red with Sheriff
    • Cowboy Hat
    • Cowboy Pants
    • Indian shoes
    • Maleficient Hat
    (I thought the cowboy was important enough to put seperately.)

    Week 1 of Christmas
    • Santa Hat
    • RocketShip Couch Dark Blue
    • Light Blue
    • Orange
    • Cyan
    • Black
    • Yellow
    • Purple
    • Space Mountain Guest Room
    • Tomorrowland Outer Space Guest Room
    (Please note, that bear rugs have been removed, and unconfirmed, but the flying saucer chairs have also been removed.)
    (Please do not quote, and this will be updated when new items come out, with a printable version coming soon.)
    Take a look at my past signatures and avatars! And maybe some extra stuff!

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