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Is anyone else thinking this?


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  • Is anyone else thinking this?

    Isn't trading almost more difficult now that all those Halloween outfits and furnishings came out?
    Now a normal conversation with someone in trade is like this:

    Them: What are you trading?
    Me: *Shows some item I'm trading*
    Them: Cool - what do you want for it?
    Me: . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    Them: ?
    Me: uh.. costumes
    Them: *shows all Halloween Costumes*
    Me: sorry I have those - anything else?
    Them: wait.. let me check
    Them: sorry - nope

    * closes trade *

    I can't even ask for costumes anymore! ROFL

    LOL anyone else thinking this? that its more difficult now?
    I'm gonna feel REALLY stupid if I'm the only one ROFL

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    Re: Is anyone else thinking this?

    Yeah, I understand; everyone has everything.


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      Re: Is anyone else thinking this?

      Yes, i hate it


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        Re: Is anyone else thinking this?

        I hear ya lol. Even with the rockets now.. everyone seems to think they can trick you by saying.. "These are really really rare!!" I usually respond by saying: "Wow really?! I have to get my really really rare stuff then!" *Exit trade & room*
        Heh, nothing we can really do about it. :lol:


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          Re: Is anyone else thinking this?

          Ok on my wishlist awhile ago i put rockets(when they weren't out)
          This is what someone on dis posted

          I am interested in
          -4th of july
          -disney quest (only if it is the one i described)
          -Maui tiki pin
          -treasure cave
          -toontown fireplace

          I offer:
          -Magenta rocket
          -Gold rope divider
          -Pirate level 1 pin: Bronze Doubloon
          -Pirate level 2 pin: Silver piece
          -Pirate level 3 pin: Gold Sovereign
          -1000 credits


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            Re: Is anyone else thinking this?

            Yes, I am thinking the same thing. Now when people are offering on rare things, they'll offer all their Halloween costumes, when you already have all of them. Also a lot of people are going around saying, "Trading my (insert Halloween costume here)! It's really rare." Over time, I think costumes will go back to their regular values.
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              Re: Is anyone else thinking this?

              it is very tedious and now i don't have anything rare bc its all stuff sold at halloween
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                Re: Is anyone else thinking this?

                Yes trades are difficult since halloween.
                Although I haven't traded much since summer I know what all of you mean.
                I normal have my trade off :lol:


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                  Re: Is anyone else thinking this?

                  I guess it all depends on how you trade. I usually offer something specific for something specific. All these rereleases have had no effect on my trades, except that I no longer have to offer great rare stuff for rockets. If you like offering something and just seeing what random stuff people put up, to see if you can catch people overpaying, then, yes, those are harder to pull off now.
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                    Re: Is anyone else thinking this?

                    Ditto. I have a lot of things for trade, and i ask for costyumes. They give me all halloween costumes so i go, Can i have hats or costumes not from halloween? and they are like. SAY WHHAA?

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