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The GeekGoof Experiment

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    Re: The GeekGoof Experiment

    Lol, I'll come out with Part 2 soon, I'm to lazy to do it now ^_^


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      Re: The GeekGoof Experiment

      It's worth the wait


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        Re: The GeekGoof Experiment

        Originally posted by Jaybeth View Post
        As many of you know, after becoming bored one eveing in the Esplande with GoofGeek and a bunch of other peeps, I decided to create a character, a clone of GoofGeek. I called my creation "GeekGoof" and then modeled him to look just like GoofGeek, with one exeption, GeekGoof has a mustache ^_^ Anyways, so I borowed a princess hat from Midien, and bearing the famous flips, tink shirt, and shorts, I set my character loose on VMK.

        Now, a few nights later, I was getting bored, so I logged onto my GeekGoof character and had some fun. Many people already had acused me of being "gray" so I wanted to know, what would happen if I went into a "Boys meets Girls" room. What would happen? Would a girl actually be interested in me? Would more people acuse me of being gray? Well, there was only one way to find out

        My first room..

        Eh.. the usual stuff.. Ten bazillion girls surrounding one guy, me all alone with a giraffe.. Let's move on..

        Hmm.. this looks promising.. Let me take my position..

        Huh.. some ladies seem to be quite lonely..


        Thank you -_-

        As geek says: Good Grief..

        Oh look! Someone approaches me!

        And then she walks away..

        Oh! Oh! Look! Score baby!

        Good Grief.

        Hmm.. wait for it..

        Oh!!! Burn!!!

        Omg! If you're taken why are you in a BOYS MEETS GIRLS ROOM!??!? Huh!?!??!? Huh!??!?!?! Yea, thought so.. Sheesh people these days..

        Anyways, meanwhile, I'm having a friendly conversation with the girl that sat down in front of me. She asked to go out, because she "heart" me. ( Yea right, you're just after my hat) So, anyways, I lay the bomb on her.

        Don't you just love her responce? "Oh ok" Hehe. ^_^

        Ok, this is off topic, but who the heck is this guy? He isn't my friend so how can he send me a message? And what's a look us anyways? O_o

        Good thing to know..

        *Blink* *Blink* - Stare - -Look the other way -

        Uh! Another cheater!

        Oh look! A girl approches me! And what's this? She starts dancing! Oh! Score!

        Meanwhile, a girl asks the wall to dance.

        Sigh.. well this place sems to be useless.. Let's go to another one..

        Hmm.. obviously I came to the wrong one..

        Hehe, that was certaintly fun, but there's more to the story.. stay tuned for PART 2!!!!

        ALso.. Thanks to Snap and dance for earlier threads dealing with this topic and giving me the idea for this thread. Thanks.
        I was laughing like crazy on this thing! Especially the - puts sister in fire - part..:lmao:..:lmao:..:lmao:..:lmao:..:lmao:..:lma o:..:lmao:..:lmao:..:lmao:..:lmao:..:lmao:..:lmao: ..:lmao:..:lmao:..:lmao:..:lmao:..:lmao:..:lmao:.. :lmao:..:lmao:



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          Re: The GeekGoof Experiment

          nice i will officiAally avoid those rooms
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