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uh how rare is this stuff


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  • uh how rare is this stuff

    well im new here and i got some stuff from some peope and i was wondering how much they are worth..

    1.) pirate well
    2.)wanted poster
    3.) 4th of july hat
    4.)ice cube chairs
    5.) ice cream and popcorn food pins
    6.) uh i got some more stuff but vmk isn't working now so i'll edit later

    -i want to know if this was reasonable trade: i got a pirate well for a couple for a couple of ice cube chairs but traded it for superhero shirt( before re-release) and 4th of july hat...but i had to throw in divers helmet so the person would take the trade
    -i then got another pirate well from a friend by trading down space ride tracks and a halloween candy dispenser..
    -and someone just gave me a wanted poster when i played a game of falling chairs with only two players =)
    ....thanks for any help!

    by the way im looking for black mickey ears and i have other stuff that's not on this list
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    Re: uh how rare is this stuff

    all pretty rare, specially that wanted poster



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      Re: uh how rare is this stuff

      The pirate well chairs aren't very rare as they are a part of the new Pirates Attraction quest and you can get the code for the chair without completing the quest.


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        Re: uh how rare is this stuff

        bandgeek5476 i saw your wish list and well i have some space mountain pieces.....i think
        hi i love to play the flute
        sadly i have never been to WDW but i really want to go someday
        i love vmk and i have so much fun there


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          Re: uh how rare is this stuff

          How do you post threads can you tell me please!!!!!!!!!!


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            Re: uh how rare is this stuff

            Okay, here we go again. Instead of posting random things on the wrong threads mouseyfaire, you can make a new one but selecting the right forum, then clicking the blue button that has an ink & pen on it, that says "New Thread" Have fun, and welcome to MC!
            urabooger, I think that all those things has a fair amount of rarity. and also, I would like some of those ice cubes, please check out my thread in the trading section.
            the oc freak. <3*


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