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POTC online launch date


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  • POTC online launch date

    I have looked for the launch date for both Pirates of the Caribean Online and Lords of the Rings Online in 2007 and so far..nothing. Im really suprised. These will probally be huge games when they finally come out so I suprised they are not giving sy least a time frame in 2007.

    Anyway..Im eagerly awaiting both games comming out
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    Re: POTC online launch date

    MMORPGS are notoriously hard to give release dates for. This involves a couple reasons.

    1. The are vastly complex as not only do you need to design the game you have to design the server software which will allow thousands of people to interact with each other and the game world simultaneously. They normally require long beta tests of many areas.

    2. Some fans of online games are quite whiny. Any guess as to the games release from a developer becomes fact, and then that fact becomes a solemn promise from the company to release. People will spam, flame, and disrupt the forums for those games when these "promises" aren't met.

    3. Repeated failure to release on time can also cause many gamers to view development, and thus the games release, negatively. Cries of "vaporware"(software that sits in development but never is released) can hurt a games reputation.


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