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Princess's Winter Wonderland

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  • Princess's Winter Wonderland

    That is WRONG.You will come in,spin the generator,and I will tell you to go through a certain turnstile.(Blue,Red,Green,or Purple depending on Number) Once two people are in a turnstile,I will close it and you two will trade.There's going to be some spots that you can just chill out.

    Room is:Princess's Winter Wonderland


    Pacific 10:00 a.m-2:00 p.m

    Mountain 11:00 a.m-3:00 p.m
    Central 12:00 p.m-4:00 p.m
    Eastern 1:00 p.m-5:00 p.m

    Days Open:
    December 21,2006 ( Maybe during the night.Not sure at all.THIS DATE DOES NOT APPLY TO TIME ^^)
    December 22,2006(DATE DOES NOT APPLY TO TIME^^)
    December 23,2006
    December 24,2006
    Merry Christmas!!
    December 26,2006
    December 27,2006
    December 28,2006
    December 29,2006
    December 30,2006
    Happy New Years!!
    January 2,2007

    *If my room is not open,That means I'm not on/Family Problems/Not Home.

    Thanks For Participating And Happy Holidays To All!!

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    Re: Princess's Winter Wonderland

    Sorry, wasn't able to make it tonight. Ill try tomorrow and so forth.
    the oc freak. <3*


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      Re: Princess's Winter Wonderland

      Was open on and off today


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        Re: Princess's Winter Wonderland

        i probably will come tomorrow or saturday
        sounds like fun =]


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          Re: Princess's Winter Wonderland

          I missed it yesterday is hould be there today though


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            Re: Princess's Winter Wonderland

            Just an idea for next time. Someone should be the go between when trading.

            Look at it this way, I say to myself, I am going to give a rare item, because I am just that nice. Now I enter into a trade with the other person and they put up an NPC pin. I may change my mind and they get a ride support instead.

            Now if YOU were involved, I would trade with you and give you my rare. The other peson would trade with you and give you his gift. Then you give his give to me, and my gift to him. That way it is secret (but a lot more work for you). And people would have to trust you told hold there gifts during the transaction.

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              Re: Princess's Winter Wonderland

              ok well i am gonna see if u are still on right now... its 230
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