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(RCT Question) How much has your park building skills advanced?


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  • (RCT Question) How much has your park building skills advanced?

    How have they advanced since you started playing RollerCoaster Tycoon?

    I remember when I got the first one, I had a hard time building simple things like the monorail. I also HATED landscaping!!!

    But when I got RCT2, I still hated landscaping and placing trees (Until I discoved the button that lets you plot many trees at the same time). I think I started to enjoy and focus more on Landscaping when I built my own version of Disneyland. Then from there I advanced my landscaping skills with parks such as "Disneyland Everglades" and "Disneyland International." But when I made "Disneyland Dockport," I started to realize the importance of building rollercoasters/rides underground and how doing that kept the beauty of my parks.

    So that is how my park building skills advanced over the years. I learned how to build coasters the right way, underground, without them getting extreme nausea ratings but maintaining good "Excitement" ratings. That has been very beneficial because it maintains the parks beauty, the guests will still ride them when it rains, and I would have a lot of room to put gentle rides on Ground level.

    So how have your park building skills advanced over the years?

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    Re: (RCT Question) How much has your park building skills advanced?

    for me, my building skills have definitely increased.

    here is a pic of Main St. from my first Dl park:

    ugly huh?
    Now here's a pic with better skills:

    Better huh?
    Well, that's how I improved
    No, not really, i'm not working on a signature, I just said that because my signature space looks empty.:blush:


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      Re: (RCT Question) How much has your park building skills advanced?

      Since I got RCT3 just a month ago, I can't really say my skills have improved tremendously. I have noticed, though, that now I am discovering how to make a successful layout for my park, instead of crunching everything together at the entrance. Also, I am still learning the cheats and nifty extras to RCT3, so I am working with those. However, I really don't like landscaping, and really need to work on it.


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        Re: (RCT Question) How much has your park building skills advanced?

        I realized over time that when I build things and do landscaping in my parks, it takes my mind off of issues of the day and that why I think I like doing landscaping more and more. Being able to concentrate on that and getting the feeling of accomplishment makes me feel good each day. So as I continue to landscape, it takes my mind off of things, lets me think more critically and creatively, and continues to sharpen my skills, making each of my newest creations better than the previous ones.


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