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12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks


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  • 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

    12/25 It's a Holly Jolly Holiday!
    Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you're drinking lots of hot coco and keeping warm... Even here in what's a normally warm Southern California, we've had a bit of a cold spell. Yesterday morning I had to scrape ice off my windshield and as you can imagine there aren't too many places to buy an ice scrapers around here!
    Before I get into the details of this weeks column, I want to mention a few things... First, you've probably noticed the personalization on the site, we hope you think it's as cool as we do, you'll now see the Pins you're wearing... Next week I'll talk more this and other new features... Second, make sure to check out the new EVENT INFO box just to the right of this column on the Newsletter page. In the future you'll want to check this section out to get all the information you're looking for about major in-game and Park events - again this section will just focus only on EVENTS, not game items, or play tips, but the what, when, where, who and how of major VMK events. Ok, so now that that's outta the way, let's get down to bizness!

    Holiday Mix Up
    So by now you're probably aware that we switched out the Disneyland Holiday Quest for a new Haunted Mansion Holiday Quest. I'm truly sorry for those of you who were looking forward to getting the Holiday Items - but even with careful planning and many extra Reward Cards we still ran out. The truth is that these Special Quests (Halloween, Holiday) have been a huge success, even exceeding our own expectations, so we will be adding more in the coming year. I'll give you some more insight into the next Park Quest in the coming weeks. If you are spending the holidays at Walt Disney World you can still play the Holiday Quest but as we've already mentioned, there is a limited supply there too, and once this batch of Holiday Reward Cards are gone, the Quest will end.

    Who Needs Tickets?
    It's the holiday, so why are you reading this Newsletter instead of playing with your new toys? I'll tell you why - because you want to know about the new VMK Ticketing System! The system may sound a little complicated, but bear with me and I'll do my best to explain it!

    The basic concept of Tickets is that players will be able to close their Room(s) and require Tickets to enter them. A Ticket can be purchased for 10 Credits and can be traded to other players.

    Starting in early January two new options will be added to the Room Information Button (that's the icon that has an i on it). The first is the 'People With Tickets' box, the second is the 'Create Tickets' box.

    Room Options
    Once you decide who to let into your Guest Room you can now have the following options:

    Allow Everyone: This option allows all players into your Room.

    Only Allow Friends To Enter: This option only allows players that are on your Friends List to enter your Room.

    People With Tickets: Only players that have an unused Ticket to enter your Room can enter.

    Only Allow Friends To Enter & People With Tickets: This option only allows friends to enter & people with Tickets - Players that are on your Friends List and players that have an unused Ticket can enter the Room.

    Creating Tickets

    When you click on the 'Create Tickets' button you will be given 4 options of when the Ticket will expire if not used (1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days) you'll also have a counter that will help you decide how many tickets you would like to buy. (Should we add this feature to all shops?... It sure would make it easier to buy lots of tracks.)

    The Fine Print

    Tickets work as Single Use Magic Pins and once created are found in the Pin menu.

    - Tickets can only be used once.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are kicked out of a room that requires a Ticket you can not re-enter!! We are looking ways to solve this but for now be aware that as a Room Owner you must be very careful when kicking a player out.

    Likewise players that abuse this ticketing privilege will be banned.

    - Tickets work for all rooms that require tickets from the same owner (you can not create a ticket for a specific room, the ticket works for any and all rooms with the "People With Tickets" box checked.

    - Tickets not used by the expiration date will disappear from your inventory.

    - Tickets can be traded. And traded, and traded... so just be aware that the person you trade with may re-trade the ticket.

    - Rooms that require a ticket will have an icon on the Room Navigator to show the Ticket required for entry.

    Aside from the Tickets there is another benefit, you can now lock a room from everyone without having to clear you friend list. How do you do that? Just click the 'People With Tickets' box but don't create any Tickets. Any Room that has both 'Only Allow Friends To Enter & People With Tickets' will allow people on your Friend List to come and go, but non-Friends will need a Ticket to enter. Rooms that require Tickets will now have a Ticket icon on the Navigator. Of course even VMK will have a special place that will be a 'Tickets Only' for special events.

    Jingle All The Way

    I hope that all makes sense - it made sense to me when I was writing it but with all the sugary Holiday treats I've been eating, this all may sound like a rambling sugar rush! I also hope you're excited about the updates and stuff that's on the way. So what's on deck for next week? Well, a little something I like to call "Castle Fireworks Remix," and no you won't have to come in 2nd Place to win the Pin...

    Finally, enjoy what ever Holiday or tradition you celebrate and I'll see you in VMK... Alright, someone pass the Eggnog & Churrous, Yavn needs more sugar!

    And to all a good night,

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    Re: 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

    thanks =]
    those tickets will probably help with are cheesy rooms
    hopefully now we dont have to stop at 240,000 to get the credits
    Last edited by ddanielle; 12-25-2006, 12:02 PM.


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      Re: 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

      What about the turnstile that you can rack up credits from?


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        Re: 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

        I bet they are still working out bugs with that one... although the tickets seem a bit complicated. At least in theory, a lot more complicated than the turnstiles.
        Last edited by TLynn; 12-25-2006, 05:06 PM.


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          Re: 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

          The tickets seem very complicated, indeed. Heh....we'll have the chance to see staff in everyone's room for the ticket matter ^_^ Haha


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            Re: 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

            The ticket system isn't that complicated, especially since he explained it so well.


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              Re: 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

              I didn't find that too complicated.. just a lot of information lol.

              Anyways, I especially like this part: you can now lock a room from everyone without having to clear you friend list. Heh, now you can work on your room or be AFK without any disturbances

              And can I say.. finally something to do with Fireworks )


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                Re: 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

                thank you for hosting the images yourself...

                I love how this is so simple.


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                  Re: 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

                  Now I wouldn't want to ruin your Christmas by stealing bandwidth from Disney.


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                    Re: 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

                    FYI - There is now a note up on the VMK home page -

                    This weekend if your last chance to get holiday items before they disappear!


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                      Re: 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

                      Originally posted by TLynn View Post
                      FYI - There is now a note up on the VMK home page -
                      thanks for the notice =]


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                        Re: 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

                        I was just on there too. I am going to post updates for some updated things in just a sec..
                        the oc freak. <3*


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                          Re: 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

                          Interesting, will make people be a little more choosy when deciding what rooms they want to enter.

                          Will make it harder for people trying to drum up traffic into their rooms if they require a ticket.

                          I am interested to see how this pans out.


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                            Re: 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

                            There are going to be some players making tickets, handing them out, and then booting people. I would highly doubt that there isn't going to be a player who does that. Or atleast someone who doesn't use any VMK forums If you can actually understand that lol.
                            the oc freak. <3*


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                              Re: 12/25/06 - Yavn Speaks

                              lol i know what u mean this is going to be very interesting. This is kind of confusing right now but when it actually happens, i bet staff will be very clear.

                              yuh have to `lose someone
                              completely b.e.f.o.r.e you can
                              figure out what they `really
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                              Hakuna Matata
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