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Working Towards Sparrow!


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  • Working Towards Sparrow!

    I'm working to get Sparrow and have a bunch of little rare things to trade for it. Seeing what people like more, I'm trying to work my way up to the more rare items so I can trade them for a Sparrow outfit.

    I'm looking for:

    Pink Minnie Princess Hat
    Haunted Mansion Pins
    Jungle Cruise Pins
    Retired Pirate Quest
    Retired Haunted Mansion Items
    Hotel Pins
    Green Backwards Hat
    Home Theater Items
    Beta Items
    DLR Halloween Pumpkin
    Holiday 05 Pin
    Pink Tiki
    Star of Mickey Pin
    Valentines 06 Pin
    Candy Cauldron
    And anything that is REALLY retired or of great value

    I would be quite interested in trading alot of little rare things for a big item. I'm not really looking to trade 1 item for another item of equal value, because it wouldn't get me anywhere.

    I'm trading:


    2 x Mickey 50th Disneyland Lantern
    2 x Green 50th Chair
    1 x Red Heart Chair
    1 x Magenta Heart Chair
    1 x Herbie Couch
    8 x Ice
    1 x Everest Chair

    1 x Full Kali Couch
    3 x Pirate Wells
    3 x Pink Hearltess Hampers
    3 x Red Frontierland Saddle Seat Sofas
    3 x Magenta Rocket Couches
    2 x Ace Rug
    3 x HSM Piano
    1 x JC Gorilla Poster
    2 x Safari Lifestyle Collections

    2 x Captain Hook Chair
    3 x Pirate Turret Chair
    1 x Castle Turret Chair
    1 x Dreams Shirt

    1 x Green Tiki Divider
    1 x Red Tiki Divider
    2 x Tiki Tiki Fountain (pending)
    1 x Tiki Idol Yellow (pending)

    2 x Chernabog Rug
    2 x Mickey Pumpkin
    2 x Candy Dispenser
    3 x Spider Divider
    1 x Bat Bag

    1 x Tron MCP Poster
    1 x Lightcycle Couch Yellow
    1 x Lightcycle Couch Blue
    3 x Tron Table Blue
    6 x Tron Chairs

    1 x Animator's Desk
    1 x Football Down Marker
    1 x Football Randomizer
    1 x Red Soldier
    1 x Gold Rope
    1 x Red Penny Press
    1 x Gold Generator
    2 x Blue Scoreboard

    4 x Train Teleporter Sets
    5 x Stitch Teleporter Sets


    1 x Bombardment
    1 x Burning Village
    1 x Hurricane Bay
    1 x Treasure Cove
    1 x Rongo Tiki
    1 x Tangaroa Tiki
    1 x Tangaroa-Ru Tiki
    1 x Maui Tiki
    2 x Thrill Seekers
    1 x 50th Celebration
    1 x Summit Plummet
    3 x Castaway Key
    2 x Churro
    1 x Ghost Host
    1 x Space Mt. Sign
    3 x Fantasyland Quest
    4 x Frontierland Quest


    1 x Full Gold Dress (Top, Skirt, Slippers)
    1 x Blue Bodice
    1 x Blue Skirt
    1 x Pink Bodice
    1 x Pink Skirt
    2 x Crowns

    1 x Herbie Outfit
    1 x Space Top
    1 x Space Helmet
    2 x Space Shoes
    1 x Green Super Hero Top
    1 x Pink Super Hero Top
    1 x Witch Hat
    2 x Mickey Santa Hat
    2 x 4th of July Hat

    Also trading ROOM CODES!
    1 x High School Musical Gym
    1 x Safari Room
    1 x New Pirates Room
    4 x Jungle Cruise Tent Room

    Last edited by MissAngela; 01-05-2007, 12:49 PM.

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    Re: Working Towards Sparrow!

    Double post


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      Re: Working Towards Sparrow!

      i have HM pins not all of them but four..i am missing the Ezra one


      • #4
        Re: Working Towards Sparrow!

        I've only got the Sorcerer Hat and maybe a Star of Mickey pin from your list. I'm mainly interested in your Tiki furniture, so just let me know how much of the Tiki stuff you'd offer for the Sorcerer Hat. Thanks!



        • #5
          Re: Working Towards Sparrow!

          prettygirlinpink- Great! What do you like that I'm trading?

          MrSpike- What about 1 red tiki divider, 1 tiki tiki fountain, and a gold rug? Let me know if I should add..


          • #6
            Re: Working Towards Sparrow!

            I have sorcerer's hat, only willing to trade for really good offer, i love it too much

            I also have VMK adventureland, fantasyland, and frontierland quest pins (in park), tomorrowland retro skyway pin (3/5), gold scoreboard and some other furniture, if you'd like to come to my room i'll meet you there
            PROUD BAND GEEK :]

            GAMES I LOVE


            • #7
              Re: Working Towards Sparrow!

              MissAngela on my last pot i started litsing the things i liked and it seemed as if i was posting the whole list lol so i dont really mind..i like almost everything lol


              • #8
                Re: Working Towards Sparrow!

                bandgeek5476- I'll come and see what you have. Is your mice name the same as your VMK name?

                prettygirlinpink- Ok! What about a herbie couch, a pirate dreams turret, and a red press? Let me know if you would like something else for your pins.


                • #9
                  Re: Working Towards Sparrow!

                  Originally posted by MissAngela View Post
                  MrSpike- What about 1 red tiki divider, 1 tiki tiki fountain, and a gold rug? Let me know if I should add..
                  Sorry, should've been more specific Lol I just looked through my inventory and I don't need as many walls or fountains.
                  Hmm, I'd be willing to trade it for all your floors and tiki idols though?


                  • #10
                    Re: Working Towards Sparrow!

                    Sounds good. Are you on now?


                    • #11
                      Re: Working Towards Sparrow!

                      My vmk name is band_geek, i'll be in my room
                      PROUD BAND GEEK :]

                      GAMES I LOVE


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                        Re: Working Towards Sparrow!

                        Originally posted by MissAngela View Post
                        Sounds good. Are you on now?
                        I can get online, sure
                        Should I search your vmk title? - & what is it? Lol

                        I'm AliasSpike in VMK just in case you didn't know

                        EDIT: Never mind, can't seem to get into the site?


                        • #13
                          Re: Working Towards Sparrow!

                          I've got a fire wall, a sorcerer's hat, and a blue beta HM rocking chair. I'm interested in the hyena pin*, the pirates insider tour pin*, the 1963 tiki room opens pin, and WDW quest furniture (white snowman, kali couch, etc.). Maybe we can work something out

                          *Mostly interested in these items.


                          • #14
                            Re: Working Towards Sparrow!

                            I can't seem to get into the site either. Maybe later tonight we can trade?

                            dance is life- Great! I have to go but I'll post later tonight so we can make a deal.


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                              Re: Working Towards Sparrow!

                              Well, i have to go, so maybe another day, if i'm not too busy
                              PROUD BAND GEEK :]

                              GAMES I LOVE


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