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01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks


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  • 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

    01/01/2007 Happy New Ear!
    Hope you are had a wonderful holiday season, I have quick update to get your 2007 rolling but first let's look back on some VMK highlights for last year!
    VMK 2006 - Year In Review
    January - Monsters Door Game Launched
    February - This was Everest Month and also the month that hosted our first ever Ride-A-Thon, and the launch of Everest Track pieces.
    April - The Narnia Celebration! VMK gave you a chance to win exclusive Narnia Items from the Narnia DVD site.
    May - Baseball came to VMK!
    June - An updated Pirates Of The Caribbean game launched.
    July - Waterslides! And a new Waterslide Puzzle games based on the Walt Disney World Water Parks were released.
    September - This month the video game legend Tron entered the Virtual Magic Kingdom.
    October - Halloween came to VMK, and so did Single Use Items.
    November - VMK's Holiday Celebration and the debut of the Space Mountain Track pieces.
    That's a short list of the cool things that happened in VMK in 2006. Wow. We have grown and changed a lot over the last 12 months (don't forget we also defeated the horrible Disconnect Monster!). I know each of you have your own memories and things you liked best about 2006 too! For 2007, we here at VMK Central are committed to continued growth and improvement of community.
    As I've mentioned before we have exciting changes in store for you for early January and beyond! Speaking of changes, introducing...
    We've put a new spin on one of your most favorite games - and I know you want to know more about our remix of Fireworks?


    Bonus Combo
    Explode the same shapes in the correct order to earn extra points.

    Now go for a Flawless Bonus!
    Flawless Bonus
    Every time you get a Flawless your Flawless Bonus goes up and you get more points.
    Real Time Scoring
    During gameplay, this shows you score and that of your closest competitors. For example, if yavn has 500 points but sparky, sillysyl and caffdawg have close to 100 points, it will only show sparky's and sillysyl's score to caffdawg because they are the closest competitor caffdawg needs to beat.

    During breaks between rounds you'll also be able to see the Top 3 Players and their current avatar.
    Next Firework
    Shows the next 3 shape fireworks that are due up. (shown in the 'Coming In Box')
    Fireworks Left
    Number of fireworks left to explode before the round ends.
    Explode All
    Hit this button to explode everything on the screen. You need to have the correct firework selected in order for this to work and once you use it you will have to wait a bit for it to recharge.

    Lock & Unlock
    You now have a new way to move your selection cursor. Unlocked is the traditional movement method, with the firework shapes locked in place and the cursor moves over them. Locked keeps the cursor locked in the center and the shapes moves left and right (try this play technique and you'll see what we mean).
    Randomized Fireworks
    No more repetitive patterns, now the patterns are now totally random so you never know what's next (aside from looking at the next firework 'Coming In Box').
    Revised Scoring & Prizes
    We're still tuning this, so I don't want to give you too many details yet, but the credits you win will be based on how many fireworks you explode as well as the correct timing of exploding them.
    For more info on Castle Fireworks remixed check out the FAQ.

    We've been testing Castle Fireworks remixed and are really excited! The music and backgrounds have not changed, but we hope to switch them out over the next few months. Next?
    Over the last few weeks we've discussed lots of changes to VMK, VMK Pass, Tickets and Castle Fireworks remixed. So what else can I tell you about that will get you excited? Well, be sure to check back next week when I'll have sneak peek screens of what's on the way in the coming months. Plus! Monorail Music Mixer!
    Hey, my New Year is off to a great start, I've just beat Caffdawg & Sparky for the 3rd game in a row of remixed... Now back to the testing!
    See you in the game,

    Last edited by FlAmMaBle; 01-01-2007, 04:50 PM.

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    Re: 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

    Wow. Fireworks sounds awesome.
    the oc freak. <3*


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      Re: 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

      I guess it sounds good if you were not so good at last version. Seems a lot easier. But for me I am not to thrilled about it.


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        Re: 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

        thanks =]
        The fireworks game is a little confusing, but i can't wait.


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          Re: 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

          I'll figure it out after about 50 tries :lol:
          the oc freak. <3*


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            Re: 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

            Ah.. I'm excited for Fireworks remixed
            Lots of new features added to make the game more interesting. :yea:
            Now hopefully they at least change the music soon :lol:


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              Re: 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

              Old version is kind of dull and boring though I guess. I hardly ever play it's 10 minutes of boringness.


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                Re: 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

                Yeah it is dull and boring, which is why I like the sound of the new stuff. Hope they don't change the prizes / scoring system too much though. The credit amount was the only reason I played :lol:


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                  Re: 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

                  Well I do hope they change the credits to be more for better players so they don't have to stop at some point or get hurt for doing so. And it says they pretty much changed how scoring works.


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                    Re: 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

                    Yah, I get tired of people that stop right at 240,000, and then I end up winning, but get less points then I would coming in second. I have always thought that was pretty lame that 1'st place gets less. I hope that changes.
                    Elsa's and Anna's
                    Disneyland Dec 2014


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                      Re: 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

                      Originally posted by FlAmMaBle View Post
                      I guess it sounds good if you were not so good at last version. Seems a lot easier. But for me I am not to thrilled about it.
                      I too, am not so thrilled. I think the regular version sounds more fun.. VMK has changed so much.. in my opinion, vmk without all of this extra new stuff seems better, I suppose. But who cares about my opinion, I don't play anymore..
                      >Siggie Made By Moi<


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                        Re: 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

                        I cant wait for the new remixed version. Like others have said the old game was getting pretty boring. It will be very interesting to see how scoring is affected by the changes.


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                          Re: 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

                          Originally posted by xFallOut_Girlx View Post
                          I'll figure it out after about 50 tries :lol:
                          Same from me


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                            Re: 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

                            please change the images to your own host....
                            it is not nice to hot link images from their original host, bandwidth is not something you can take from another site... unless they say you can such as photobucket


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                              Re: 01/01/07 - Yavn Speaks

                              I'll just take them out I'm too lazy.


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