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1/3/07 - Updated Push & More


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  • 1/3/07 - Updated Push & More

    I'm back again with updated Push & More;

    Push's Trash Triva;

    01/02/07Know the answer?
    Send your answer using Contact Us at the bottom of this or the main VMK webpage. Be sure to have your VMK registration info with you and select Push's Trash Trivia from the drop down menu.
    Out of all the correct answers, three players will be randomly drawn as the winners and sent a cool prize. But hurry! Only entries submitted by the close of game on Friday will be accepted.
    Here's the answer to last weeks Trash Trivia question:
    Q: What's the optical illusion called that causes the Haunted Mansion busts to watch you as you walk by them?
    A: The effect, called Negative Bust Illusion is in fact, patented by the Walt Disney Company.

    Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) and son meet the famous singing bust in The Haunted Mansion movie.
    Did you know: This illusion is a simple effect that tricks your mind into thinking it's seeing movement. Look closely at the bust and you'll notice they are actually reversed or sunk into the wall. At the original Haunted Mansion in Disneyland this effect can be seen in the hallway as you prepare to board the Doom Buggies.
    The organ in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is from the movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The red couch from the film version of The Haunted Mansion starring Eddie Murphy, is also from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
    Congratulations to the 3 lucky (and randomly picked) players that sent in the correct answer for last week's question!
    Your prize is on the way!
    Event Info;



    The basic concept of Tickets is that players will be able to close their Room(s) and require Tickets to enter them. A Ticket can be purchased for 10 Credits and can be traded to other players.
    Starting in early January two new options will be added to the Room Information Button (that's the icon that has an i on it). The first is the 'People With Tickets' box, the second is the 'Create Tickets' box.
    Room Options
    Once you decide who to let into your Guest Room you can now have the following options:
    Allow Everyone: This option allows all players into your Room.
    Only Allow Friends To Enter: This option only allows players that are on your Friends List to enter your Room.
    People With Tickets: Only players that have an unused Ticket to enter your Room can enter.
    Only Allow Friends To Enter & People With Tickets: This option only allows friends to enter & people with Tickets - Players that are on your Friends List and players that have an unused Ticket can enter the Room.
    Creating Tickets

    When you click on the 'Create Tickets' button you will be given 4 options of when the Ticket will expire if not used (1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days) you'll also have a counter that will help you decide how many tickets you would like to buy. (Should we add this feature to all shops?... It sure would make it easier to buy lots of tracks.)
    The Fine Print

    Tickets work as Single Use Magic Pins and once created are found in the Pin menu.
    - Tickets can only be used once.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you are kicked out of a room that requires a Ticket you can not re-enter!! We are looking ways to solve this but for now be aware that as a Room Owner you must be very careful when kicking a player out.
    Likewise players that abuse this ticketing privilege will be banned.
    - Tickets work for all rooms that require tickets from the same owner (you can not create a ticket for a specific room, the ticket works for any and all rooms with the "People With Tickets" box checked.
    - Tickets not used by the expiration date will disappear from your inventory.
    - Tickets can be traded. And traded, and traded... so just be aware that the person you trade with may re-trade the ticket.
    - Rooms that require a ticket will have an icon on the Room Navigator to show the Ticket required for entry.

    Aside from the Tickets there is another benefit, you can now lock a room from everyone without having to clear you friend list. How do you do that? Just click the 'People With Tickets' box but don't create any Tickets. Any Room that has both 'Only Allow Friends To Enter & People With Tickets' will allow people on your Friend List to come and go, but non-Friends will need a Ticket to enter. Rooms that require Tickets will now have a Ticket icon on the Navigator. Of course even VMK will have a special place that will be a 'Tickets Only' for special events.
    Check the Community Calendar for more details and event times.
    Scam Alert;

    Private Messages
    All images were saved to my computer and uploaded on imageshack

    the oc freak. <3*

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    Re: 1/3/07- Updated Push &amp; More

    Thanks for the head's up! A nice easy one this week is most welcome.
    It's a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah...Tip for Today!


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      Re: 1/3/07- Updated Push &amp; More

      Originally posted by yoyoflamingo View Post
      A nice easy one this week is most welcome.
      My thoughts exactly I even answered this one without research!!!!


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        Re: 1/3/07- Updated Push &amp; More

        Funny how disney patened a scientific priciple that is called paralax, and renamed it negative bust illusion. Now thats power right there

        My Giant wish list:
        **Like my signature and Avatar....FlAmMaBle did it for me...PM him if you want one too.**


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          Re: 1/3/07- Updated Push &amp; More

          Originally posted by Pordue View Post
          Funny how disney patened a scientific priciple that is called paralax, and renamed it negative bust illusion. Now thats power right there
          Correction: that's DISNEY power Disney flippin' has their own power plant, or something like that, right?


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            Re: 1/3/07 - Updated Push &amp; More

            Why do i know caffdawg, who is he?


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              Re: 1/3/07 - Updated Push &amp; More

              He is a tester. QA_caffdawg, I'm prety sure.
              the oc freak. <3*


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                Re: 1/3/07 - Updated Push &amp; More

                And I think he was one of the first testers to make public use of the turnstile... I seem to remember him having a totally packed room a while ago that was giving out some pretty amazing quest prizes.


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                  Re: 1/3/07 - Updated Push &amp; More

                  I was in there, but I think the Quest wasn't available then. Someone asked when the Turnstiles would come out and it came up with the Staff Alert, "There is an undecided time and date for the release of the Turnstiles."
                  the oc freak. <3*


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