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Music And I!


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  • Music And I!

    Music Rocks! I LOOOVE music! But the one thing that bothers me is how slow people are with music. I watch the top 20 countdown every week. I listened to Fergalicious like 2 months ago, i overplay songs. But the funny thing is, in the locker room the other day we just all start singing Irreplaceable. Then, this 1 girl in gym starts singing Feralicious, with the wrong lyrics. And in my head i was like "WTH,that song was popular 2 months ago, how could you NOT know the lyrics". So, most of us have iPods or MP3's (grr!) So just post your 5-10 top overplayed songs!

    1. Fergalicious- 53 times
    2.Irreplaceable- 52 times
    3. Chain Hang Low- 30 times
    4. Come To Me- 50 times
    5.Money Maker- 20 times
    6.Hurt- 42 times
    7.Wind it up- 52
    8. Sexy Back-19 (uurrrgh, dont ask)
    10.Mr.Brightside-47 times

    Okay these MAY seem old, but these are the songs that are the most played on my ipod.
    and so, the princess must leave her kingdom on May 21st, 2008. </3

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    Re: Music And I!

    Hmm.Thank you lol.I'm listening to an online radio( and that would help with my library LOL.


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      Re: Music And I!

      well i either get my music off of limewire, or i go to or net can't remember -_- but anyways..

      walk it out
      the way i live
      shorty like mine
      we fly high

      formally known as:


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        Re: Music And I!

        I dont use itunes, i use limewire <3
        and so, the princess must leave her kingdom on May 21st, 2008. </3


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          Re: Music And I!

          I listen to-
          evertime we touch
          DISNEY! (My friends wonder why this and the one up top is on my ipod..hehe)
          sexy back
          remix music of modanna that i made
          iunno, i just get music that is played once its on the radio..


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            Re: Music And I!

            My top five songs played on my iPod are:

            But it's Better If You Do
            How To Save A Life
            Follow Me
            Drops Of Jupiter

            >Siggie Made By Moi<


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              Re: Music And I!

              Hold on- Ill run upstairs, grab my iPod and do an iTunes update, Fergalicious will most def be up there
              the oc freak. <3*


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                Re: Music And I!

                My favorites are:
                Over My Head- The Fray
                Dirty Little Secret- All-American Rejects
                Perfect Situation-Weezer
                Girl Next Door-Saving Jane
                Collide-Howie Day
                Shut Up-Simple Plan
                iPod iStar
                :ap::thumbup::yea: !!GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!:yea::thumbup::ap:
                VMK: MissStarzgirl
                Mule: Lady_StarPawz


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                  Re: Music And I!

                  Originally posted by xFallOut_Girlx View Post
                  Hold on- Ill run upstairs, grab my iPod and do an iTunes update, Fergalicious will most def be up there
                  Err, I should do that, too.. I guessed :lol: Anywho, be right back.

                  EDIT: hehe, I guessed correctly!
                  >Siggie Made By Moi<


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                    Re: Music And I!

                    Okayy, here we go;
                    L.O.V.E- 15
                    Deja Vu- 12
                    I cant believe THIS;
                    Right Where you want me- 12
                    Time for me to fly- 17
                    Play with fire- 9
                    IWSNT (I write sins not tradgedies)- 9
                    SOS- 6
                    the oc freak. <3*


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                      Re: Music And I!

                      I don't really know any order or how many times I've actaully listen to them but here they are;

                      How to save a life (wow shocker eh?haha)
                      We fly High (BALLIN'!)
                      Shorty like mine
                      Your Call
                      Face Down
                      But it's better if you do
                      Lieing is the most fun a girl can have without taking her shirt off (wow that was long!)
                      Welcome to the black parade

                      I like more but yeah I chose some I liked the most.


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                        Re: Music And I!
                        • Boys & Girls - Good Charlotte (Extremely funny video)
                        • I Just Wanna Live - Good Charlotte
                        • Emotionless - Good Charlotte
                        • The World Is Black - Good Charlotte
                        • Keep Your Hands Off My Girl - Good Charlotte
                        • The Anthem - Good Charlotte
                        • Hold On - Good Charlotte (Inspirational)
                        • Predictable - Good Charlotte
                        • Change (Acoustic) - Good Charlotte
                        • The Young and the Hopeless - Good Charlotte
                        • Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous - Good Charlotte (The video is awesome! )

                        Yeah, you can say I'm a bit...obsessed


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                          Re: Music And I!

                          Godsmack- The Enemy
                          Godsmack- Speak
                          Godsmack- Shine Down
                          Godsmack- Battales Des Los Tambores
                          Breaking Benjamin- Diary of Jane
                          Stone Sour- Through Glass
                          Nickelback- Rockstar
                          Rob Zombie- Foxy, Foxy
                          Metallica- St. Anger
                          Metallica- Ain't My B-..yea..that song.

                          Aren't all new just some songs I have been playing a lot in school on my iPOD. Usually only time I use it .
                          Once you get older you'll get away from the top ten lol. Trust me that's all people listened to when I was younger. Eventually you start to like real bands, shocking I know, but it's true.


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