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Virtual Magic Kingdom

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  • Virtual Magic Kingdom

    Ciao! Just wanted to start a discussion about the VMK!

    IMO it really looks amazing and definetely promising. I used to have my room in Habbo Hotel ( and it was kind of addictive. I just can't wait to have a MK just a click away and my room full of Nemo memorabilia!

    Just imagine interacting with people riding real attractions...

    Just one concern: I tried to register and when I had to choose my contry the only available were US, Canada and Mexico. I hope that was just because of the beta testing. Furthermore it would be so strange to have a Magic Kingdom on the web and not being able to enjoy it at least in the country that have real ones :lol:
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    It is beta testing.. so it is open to those countries that they want to beta test in...

    Once they finnish everyone should be able to enjoy it.


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