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Top Ten things to do with your last-gen systems


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  • Top Ten things to do with your last-gen systems

    Wiis, PS3s, 360s, what to do with all that old hardware cluttering up your entertainment center? Here, I offer 10 solutions.

    10. Turn them into tiny robots and have them fight to see which system was the best.

    9. Level your new Blood Elf Paladin... What's a console?

    8. Try to breed them to form a super Game-station-box.

    7. Hollow them out and use them to store Pringles.

    6. Don't do anything. The Dreamcast is all you'll ever need.

    5. Seal them in mylar bags and hope they raise in value.

    4. Donate them to African tribes.

    3. Create custom cat-houses out of them.

    2. Toss them in the microwave, set it on high and see what happens.

    1. Dress up like Link, have one friend dress up like Kirby and another like Mario. Use them for weapons and play Super Smash Bros: Real Life.
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    Re: Top Ten things to do with your last-gen systems

    Great Post. LOL!!!


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