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Madame Leota

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  • Madame Leota

    I purchased Madame Leota and her table from the Golden Horseshoe Mercantile. Since the table is labeled as Madame Leota's it would seem like you could place her on top of the table. No such luck.

    Has anyone else bought her yet?

    And I am new poster but longtime lurker. My VMK name is also Hibbleton (special bonus points if you know where the name came from). Please stop by my room, The Captain's Lounge, if you would like to see Leota.

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    Hey! You were in that Pirates games with me that lasted forever! Heck of a nail biter, too.

    Madame Leota's head doesn't fit, huh? Maybe that'll be fixed once the game leaves its beta testing. I plan on getting her, the ble table, and the books eventually, so I too have a vested interest in this. There seem to be a lot of issues with the private rooms right now. The back wall in my Nemo room keeps diappearing, and some of my furniture rotates on its own.
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