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  • VMK Shortcut Icon

    I love VMK. But its a bit annoying to have to open up my browser and navigate to the website and click the link and log in. Nope, we should be able to click one button and be taken right to the log in screen. It's actually quite easy to do. Here's how:

    For IE Users:

    First, go to the log in page, but don't log in. Instead, right click in the window (away from any images) and select "Create Shortut".

    This will place a shortcut icon on the destop. If you'd like, you can drag this icon to your Quick Launch Bar.

    For Mozzila Users:

    Right click as above but instead select "Bookmark This Page". In your favorites, drag the bookmark either to the desktop or the quick launch bar, or both.

    From this point on it doesn't matter what browser you have, so long as you are running Windows XP. You have now created your shortcuts, either on the desktop or the quick launch bar, or both:

    Ok, so now the shortcut is there, and if you click it, you will now be taken to the log in screen, but, it doesn't look very nice. What we need is an icon. Now there was no readily available VMK icon, so I created my own, which you can download here (zipped file).

    Once you've saved the icon to your hard drive and upzipped it, rightclick on your shortcu icon and select "Properties".

    Now hit the button marked "Change Icon" and navigate to the saved icon file.

    That's it! You now have a spiffy looking shortcut icon for your desktop or quick launch bar. Now all you have to do is click the button and log in. Enjoy!

    Last edited by Club 33; 06-04-2005, 12:59 AM.

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    this sooooo rocks! thanks, club33!
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      Originally posted by Fantasmico!
      this sooooo rocks! thanks, club33!
      Thanks! I'm always trying to come up with interesting things, and sometimes I'll post 'em here for you guys. A while ago, I posted a tutorial on how to make you own MiceAge Archive. I'm also planning to do a tutorial on how to store and view MiceAge articles on your iPod and or PDA.


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        very cool!! thanks.
        ...I finally changed my avatar...


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