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a new thread!

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  • a new thread!

    somehow my other thread got closed yesterday, so I open a new one!

    Furniture and posters:
    11 hsm pianos
    4 safari couches
    4 red penny presses
    1 cactus chairs green
    1 saddle seat red
    7 magenta rockets
    3 purple carpet chairs
    3 well chairs
    1 red turnstile
    1 green turnstile
    4 pink heartless hampers
    1 gold turnstile
    1 gold scoreboard
    1 gold ropes
    1 gold number
    8 briar stones
    18 BTM teleporters
    1 stitch teleporter
    4 safari life posters
    4 rhino posters
    2 gorillaposters
    1 blue, 2 green, 2 magenta, 1 red candy canes
    1 cookie tree
    2 cookie benches
    1 toon town fireplace
    1 blue dreidal
    5 xmas skeletons
    3 santa sleighs
    2 blue wreaths
    1 pink wreath
    2 stack presents
    14 blue 14 purple 5 red heart chairs
    5 bat bags
    18 pumpkin bags
    9 pumpkin mickey ears
    4 green, 4 blue mansion chairs
    13 candy dispensers
    11 spider walls
    9 skeleton chair
    1 chernabog rug
    35 gray 35 green crates
    4 BB crates
    4 toucan posters
    4 green tiki wall
    10 tiki fountain
    4 karo chair
    2 island torches
    2 yellow 2 red tikis
    9 green, 1 blue, 1 red, 1yellow tiki rug
    11 animator desk sets
    7 safari rugs
    8 hippo rugs
    1 pirate jewel from exmporium
    3 ace carpets
    1 bear rugs
    3 pink nemo chairs
    2 wanted posters
    green director chair
    green carpet chair
    4 everest mountain chairs
    2 HKDL chair gold (saucer)
    4 red tanks
    1 yellow tank
    2 tron desks with chairs
    1 tron cabinet
    2 maleficient thrones
    2 blue mansion table
    12 green phil chairs
    2 gold HKDL lamps
    1 blue HKDL lamp
    5 MCP posters

    1 fourth of july
    1 burning village
    38 club33
    1 DLP hotel
    2 dreams pins
    1 everest 3 of 5
    old fireworks bronze silver gold (full set)
    5x 1* Fireworks
    1 2* fireworks
    3 5* fireworks
    1 halloween bat pin
    1 witch pin
    1 pumpkin pin
    1 happiest celebration pin
    1 HKDL hotel
    1 full Christmas 06 set
    1 extra christmas 06 wreath pin
    1 ice cream pin
    3 golden giraffe
    3 zebra pins
    1 mickey special
    1 narnia tradeable pin
    1 new years 06
    2 pirate insider pins
    1 pretzle pin
    1 rongo pin
    1 1* snowman magic
    6 5* snowmen magic
    1 space mtn ride pin
    2 space sign pin
    1 summit plummet
    1 tangaroa
    2 tangaroa ru
    2 1* teleport
    1 treasure cave
    1 tron bit
    1 mcp recognizer pin
    1 turkey leg pin
    1 1* bat magic
    2 football 07
    2 frontierland quest pins
    1 Polynesian
    2 port Orleans French quarter

    1 4th of july hat
    1 cowboy hat
    2 red cowboy w/o vest
    2 black cowboy shirt with vest
    2 red cowboy with vest
    4 feather masks
    1 black mansion top
    3 mansion pants black
    1 black mansion shoe
    1 top hat
    1 santa ears
    2 jafar hats
    2 jester hats
    2 boys crowns
    2 maleficient hats
    2 black berets
    3 pink berets
    1 black ears
    2 witch hats

    eye pin
    pirate quest (no stools)
    stitch box and pin
    tea party/casey junior pin
    spooky and teleport magic.
    hats in demand (seagul and green flip)
    popular clothes (yellow space suit, green sxplorer, brown cowboy)
    anything in demand

    No credits right now please

    Happy offering!

    All offers considered, but not always accepted. Void where prohibited.

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    Re: a new thread!

    It got closed because two people left feed back using that thread. Do you accept credits?

    Wait nvm it says u dont
    Thanks Rosie for the signature :vogue:


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      Re: a new thread!

      well that stinks, but at least feed back is good.

      yea, no credits sorry dude! I play enough jungle cruise


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        Re: a new thread!

        i am looking for
        1x 5* fire works
        2x 1* fire works

        i offer casey Jr. pin


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          Re: a new thread!

          Hey cool. Can I keep at least 1 of the 1 stars for it?


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            Re: a new thread!

            That's nice.
            To Boldly Go Where No MiceChatter Has Gone Before!


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              Re: a new thread!

              Originally posted by varcity View Post
              Hey cool. Can I keep at least 1 of the 1 stars for it?
              so the trade will be
              1x 5*
              1x 1*

              1x Casey Jr, Pin??


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                Re: a new thread!

                yup, that would be the offer


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                  Re: a new thread!

                  nice title of the thread _.-
                  and so, the princess must leave her kingdom on May 21st, 2008. </3


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                    Re: a new thread!

                    1 black mansion shoe really want
                    1 5* fireworks or 1 1* teleport really want
                    1 dreams pin really want
                    1 blue mansion table
                    1 black ears
                    1 ice cream pin really want
                    1 zebra pins really want
                    1 mansion pants black really want
                    for bird but if you think it's not fair i will take some of the stuff i want out..
                    Who's tha muffin queen!? I'm tha muffin queen!! Now go get me a muffin =)


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                      Re: a new thread!

                      I have Casey pin..


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                        Re: a new thread!

                        No more casey pins I don't think. Got 5 now. looking for my other wants or tea cup pins!

                        CG, I don't have the black mansion shoes anymore, and I altered the deal to be what I think is fair. LMK what you think.

                        1 1* teleport really want
                        1 5* fireworks
                        1 dreams pin really want
                        1 ice cream pin really want
                        1 zebra pins really want
                        1 mansion pants black really want

                        For your: bird hat


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                          Re: a new thread!

                          okay varcity i will take that trade. i will be on tomorrow.


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                            Re: a new thread!

                            hmm varcity ill offer mad tea party pin and The Enchanted Tiki Room 3/9 pin for HKDL hotel pin
                            Angels Fan, born and raised.
                            Come on you Galaxy.


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                              Re: a new thread!

                              I am currently interested in your Everest 3 of 5 Pin, Blue Wreath, 5 Star Fireworks, and 5 Star Snowman Magic. I can't quite pick out an offer, but if you can list what items you like from my own personal thread, then I could possibly make out an offer. to get to my thread, visit this link -