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VMK at Disneyland


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  • VMK at Disneyland

    I log in and a pop up opened with this

    Announcing the VMK Virtual Summer Bash!

    Throw on your best summer threads, and join the first ever VMK Party.

    When:Saturday June 18th at 4 PM (West Coast), 7 PM (East Coast)Where:Meet at any one of these three locations: Main Street, Town Square and Central Plaza.What:An awesome party, a special scavenger hunt, prizes for great summer outfits, and more.
    Your chance to win new magic powers and special rooms.

  • #2
    OoOoooh!!!! I SO want to be there.


    • #3
      Originally posted by Disneyphile
      OoOoooh!!!! I SO want to be there.
      ME too...


      • #4
        I wish I could go, but I still can't sign on! I've tried everything I can think of but all I get is a black screen.
        What if the Hokey-Pokey really is what it's all about?


        • #5
          Originally posted by yensid98
          I wish I could go, but I still can't sign on! I've tried everything I can think of but all I get is a black screen.
          Try uninstalling shockwave, then go back to the vmk site and download shockwave from the link that appears. That helped me get past the black screen.


          • #6
            this must be our Beta reward??

            or final test before opening 27th....


            • #7
              I'll be there - say hi to the green person named LoisAlene

              War is over if you want it...

              Peace - Love - Mickey Mouse


              • #8
                Awesome! I'm there!


                • #9
                  MAN! Missed it by barely a minute. Completely forgot.


                  • #10
                    you didn't miss much

                    it was very very lame- no one seemed to know what was going on!
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                      oh that's good. i just saw the post about it, so i missed it by an hour.


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                        Aw damn, I missed it!


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                          Is this the same thing as the VMK Quest? Did they start that today at DL? How does it work?
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                            I put a detail of my experience over here, but to sum up both questions:

                            The event didn't work. Too little communication, no content, a lot of angry peeps.

                            DL doesn't have the quests yet as far as I'm aware. WDW does, but I've read that they're holding off the DL ones until the 7/17 anniversary.
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                            • #15
                              Actualy yesterday they had the in park quests going (just started). They had a Forontierland and an Adventureland. Upon completion of the quests you got 3 series 1 virtual prise code cards for each of the 2 quests and a glow in the dark VMK bracelet with a code on the back. Some of the questions actualy had me thinking for a moment or too. Next weekend they will introduce the next quest that will be for Fantisyland followed by next month the opening of Frontierland and Tommorowland in the game and another VMK kiosk in Fantisyland. Oh the Kiosk is in front of inventions. I was so thrilled with the fact that it was there I forgot to take a picture of it.
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