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Creaky Grove Adventure Park-Under Construction and Opening Soon


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  • Creaky Grove Adventure Park-Under Construction and Opening Soon

    For immediate release-May 26, 2007

    Heartline Twist Industries (HTI) CEO and Chairman Jeffrey Carter held a press conference today regarding the multi-billion dollar company's newest theme park set to open some time this summer. Mr. Carter revealed that the park has been under construction for quite some time, cleverly eluding the Internet community's watchful gaze. While he was rather vague on a lot of details regarding the new park, he was candid on some details. He revealed that the new park would be called Creaky Grove Adventure Park. As for the location, Mr. Carter stated that the park was a short drive from Des Moines, Iowa. As for how news of the park had not been leaked, Mr. Carter chose to not divulge his methods and hid behind his characteristic grin. The press was quick to hound Mr. Carter for more details about the park. Mr. Carter gave some small details: A nightly spectacular that promises to enchant and delight our guests, a luxurious hotel with its own water park, and several thrilling attractions, from roller coasters to the park's crown jewel attraction Shootout at the Creaky Grove Mill. Mr. Carter spoke very enthusiastically about Shootout at the Creaky Grove Mill, promising the company's most exciting, immersive experience yet. Many were curious about what could possibly be so amazing about a log ride, but the world will just have to wait and see. As for opening day, Mr. Carter only grinned and said that "Creaky Grove Adventure Park will be open for guests starting later this summer." After that, Mr. Carter declined any more questions, but offered some pictures in order to placate the press.

    An overview of the ticket booths, The Grand Exposition Hall which serves as the entrance building for the park, and the monorail station for the suspended monorail that runs to and from The Creaky Grove Lodge.

    An inside look at The Grand Exposition Hall, complete with benches, lamps, totem poles, entertaining horse-and-rider animatronics, and the shops Tucker's Tees, offering Creaky Grove Adventure Park t-shirts, and The Hat Makers, offering all of guests wants and needs in cowboy hats, Indian feathers, and raccoon hats.

    This view provides a ground level look at the ticket booths and The Grand Exposition Hall. Curiously, the picture also shows several people walking around in the park. When asked about this, Mr. Carter simply grinned and said that private functions were being held for employees of the company in The Grand Exposition Hall.

    He further noted that as the progress comes along, noting the age of these early construction shots, the employees of Heartline Twist Industries will have continued access into the different areas of the park as they are completed. But Mr. Carter went on to warn that if parts of the park were leaked without the permission of the company then severe measures would be taken to punish any employee that violated the non-disclosure agreement. As for non-employees, Mr. Carter suggested that the company had no qualms about pursuing legal action against trespassers.

    With that, Mr. Carter quickly gave his gratitude for the press' time and excused himself from the conference.

    For, this is Jay Smith reporting.
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    Re: Creaky Grove Adventure Park-Under Construction and Opening Soon

    Out of curiosity, is anyone even remotely interested in this? I hate to double post and all of that, but I was just wondering. I haven't done too much work on the park, but if someone has legitimate interest, I'd get some pictures up.


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      Re: Creaky Grove Adventure Park-Under Construction and Opening Soon

      It looks like it could be cool. I always love seeing pics from peoples parks.
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        Re: Creaky Grove Adventure Park-Under Construction and Opening Soon

        This looks like it is turning out to be a nice park... keep up the good work.


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