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  • Disneyland Park

    I've just decided that since my last game has crashed and I cannot upload it ever again I will create a new Disneyland. I will be putting my own spins on Frontierland, Fantasyland, Main Street, Adventureland, Tomorrowland and a new special "spooky" land that I have created a name for yet. So please don't expect a replication of the original Disneyland, expect similar designs. I won't have very many rides to begin with, only around 15-20 simply because the lag is terrible and the game has tons of flaws. I am no where near completion but my Main Street is progressing nicely and I have started construction on the Haunted Mansion in my unnamed spooky land (any suggestions? It isn't a villains land). I'm contemplating opening the park with some lands still undone but I'm not too sure.
    My rides so far:
    Main Street
    1. Disneyland Railroad
    2. Big Thunder Mountain
    3. Mark Twain Riverboat
    4. Woody's Roundup
    5. Jafar's Slide
    6. Lion Show (or a different animal show)
    7. Captain Hook's Pirate Ship
    8. Cinderella Carousel
    9. Mad Tea Party
    10. Mickey's Circus
    11. Goofy's Fun House
    12. Rocket Rods
    13. Observation Tower
    14. Autopia
    Unnamed Spooky Land
    15. Haunted Mansion
    16. Spooky Wheel
    17. Unnamed Wooden Coaster

    Some rides seem pretty lackluster but with a lack of high thrilling rides in the game, the themingm, landscaping and the theming of the rides I create like Big Thunder and the Haunted Mansion will probably make up for it. (Let's Hope).

    Here's a picture of an uncomplete Main Street USA.

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    Re: Disneyland Park

    Keep us posted!

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      Re: Disneyland Park

      Originally posted by 6packinthepark View Post
      Keep us posted!
      I definitely will. I should have more pictures shortly.... and here are some more Main Street construction photos.

      Main Street is actually nearly finished, all I have left to do now is add 2 small buildings which is easy and add food, drink and souviner stalls. And in old Disney fashion, I will be charging outrageous prices for these goods as well. I'm thinking of charging 35-50 bucks for admission initially, any suggestions? I'm in a custom scenario with no money but I like to see how much I make in ticket sales. I also will inevitably raise park admission to 100 dollars entry fee by the end because it's hilarious to still see guests come in droves; true Disney fasion.
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        Re: Disneyland Park

        You are using a lot of Custom Scenery and that is probably why it crashed and won't open again. Custom Scenery uses a lot of RAM and RCT3 is notorious in not releasing unused memory very well.

        But, there may still be a way to open it. Go to the folder that contains the park files. Find the Disneyland Park dot DAT file, and right next to it should be a file named Disneyland dot BAK. Rename the DAT file to Disneyland dot old and then rename the BAK file to DAT. Restart RCT3 and try loading the new DAT file in. It might work as this is the previous game just before it reached the limit and crashed. Also, when you are building any big Park with lots of CS, save the file often, and give each save a number after the name. Then it the last park saved won't open, you can go back one and it should load. Then make some changes, and you should be OK. There is a limit to the amount of CS that can be used in a single game, and that is how much RAM you have. You might have to build each "Land" on a new blank plot of land. It's a pain, but that is the only way it will work if the Park is big and uses a lot of CS. Good Luck. So far the images of what you do have are great.
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          Re: Disneyland Park

          What I'm positive caused the crash Lost Boy is I was playing the old game, removed custom scenery that still existed in that game and re-installed it. That's when the crashes happened. I tried all the stuff you mentioned but it didn't work. I'll stick to this one.


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            Re: Disneyland Park

            when u finish it can u post a vid of this bc i think it will be nice to see a digital version of disneyland that actually has the rides
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              Re: Disneyland Park

              Well if I were you I would go back to RCT2 and recreate DL from there, tons easier to access custom scenery, and does not crash.

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                Re: Disneyland Park

                Originally posted by The Disneylander View Post
                Well if I were you I would go back to RCT2 and recreate DL from there, tons easier to access custom scenery, and does not crash.
                Not any easier or more difficult to access custom scenery, and RCT2 can, and does crash. Granted there is more RCT2 scenery - but it has a few years head start. DL on RCT2 has been done and is quite boring IMHO.

                RCT3 - once the hardware and software issues on YOUR computer are resolved - does not crash any more or less than RCT2.


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