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The new sight


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  • The new sight

    So how many have chcked this out. If you haven't singed on and can get to DL and regester, it's better to regester there. When you do, you get more perks then if you do it on-line. The sight is still in bata testing, so there isn't much up at the moment, but at least you can get an idea of what Disney is trying to do. It looks a lot better the the offical Disney web sight ever looked. And at least they are geting the parks invalved in this. I gess I just want to know what others think of this.
    Let the magic continue.

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    AAAAAAAAAAARG! I was just there! and I need a magic pin!!
    - PanTheMan



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      I heard if you register at Disneyland you get 4 rooms on top of the one room you already get....

      and the shirt and pin....

      and the quests are easy to hard...


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        I logged on, made up a character, read about what to do, and got lost in some castle waiting for 100 other people (there never more than 7 at any time I was there) to show up to do some fireworks thing. I wandered around rooms that you can't do anything in, couldn't figure out how to talk to other people wandering around, couldn't find a way out of the castle, so just quit the darn thing. I don't think I will be going back. I didn't see anything interesting nor did anything even remotely resemble Disneyland.
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        Thank You Poisonedapples


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          Hopefully this will help...

          It sounds like you had a bad time, but just in case you give it another try, here's the solutions to your problems...

          First, the 'born in park' characters get the stuff mentioned, plus your in-game profile has a little green castle icon that shows you created the character in whatver park.

          Getting lost sometimes unfortunately happens until you get used to the game - something that helps is that you can always click the globe icon in the lower left corner of the screen, and you'll be able to select exactly where you wish to go without walking there. If you go to the main screen (VMK in the upper menu of lands), you'll even be able to shortcut to any of the mini-games.

          You'll never run in to more than 10 or so people in a given room - VMK uses "instanced lands", basically multiple copies of any room in order to keep large groups from lagging out the servers. It's why the buddy list is so important - you can use it to go directly to the instance of a room your buddy is in, since just going into the room might not put you in the same instance.

          The fireworks game is a lot of fun (I liked Kevin's description of 'reverse Missle Command'), but it's also got a mandatory starting group size - once ten or more people sign up, the game goes to the "Game starting in xx seconds" countdown. If it's a slow day, or if your area isn't getting that many people, it can take a while to get going, unfortunately. The Pirates game tends to not take so long to get moving, as you can play with any amount of players. The Jungle Cruise game is solo, and the Street Party Mix is also more or less solo.

          There is something to do in the rooms, but it's not readily apparent until you make it to Main Street. It's the "hidden Mickey" 'quest', where you find little shadowy Mickey heads scattered around pretty much every screen, take their picture, and eventually get pins and credits. On the main 'globe' map, go to "Main Street" then "VMK Central" to start this, get the camera, and find your first official Mickey - it's by the Hidden Mickey screen. Also, there are five "NPC's" - Shrunken Ned, Captain Blackheart (looks rather Sparrow-ish), The Abominable Snowman, Malificent the Dragon, and Esmeralda the Fortune Teller. Double click on these as you find them daily for 20 credits, and the first time you'll also get a pin from them.

          As to talking - towards the bottom of your screen, you'll see a little black bar for entering text. Just type in there to 'talk', but keep in mind that VMK has a 'dictionary' text censor system - if they haven't added a word for use, you can't say it in game. It's also very unforgiving if you're a bad speller. There are some really annoying omissions - numbers aren't allowed, as they don't want kids to be able to give out phone numbers or addresses. An increasing number of sound-alike words are not available, to prevent some workarounds - for instance, "won". It's a deliberate choice on VMK's part to make the game more 'child safe'.

          As to what park it resembles - it's supposedly a combination of all the parks. The Castle is very DLP, complete with the dungeon with fire-breathing Dragon in it. It's got the Matterhorn from DLR, and there's a pseudo-"Mannekins" from WDW/Pleasure Island.

          In any case, sorry you didn't have fun. It's definitely not for everyone - it's basically a mid to high quality graphic enhanced chatroom with a couple fun minigames. If you come back, hope the above helps. If you don't, well at least you gave it a try
          Boggard LIEEEEF!


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            Re: The new sight

            hey how do you get on to the full screen version of vmk?


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              Re: The new sight

              I just started at the VMK because I had a virtual pin for DLR. Then I was so confused I googled and found MiceChat. I think the site is fun and you all have helped get me started. What are your most favorite activities . . . easiest way to earn credits . . . hints for protecting my kids if I let them go to VMK after school. I've never been to a chatroom until today - How am I doing?


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                Re: The new sight

                Hey I think your doing great, Im on VMK and Mice Chat often and I can say that VMK is relativly safe place to play, they have a policy not to allow private talking and exchanging personal information. I am SuperToadie on VMK and if you would like more help on there scheduale a time to meet with me there, I would love to help. Its alot of fun and much to do.

                Real quick way to earn money is to play the Pirate game and win, also to go to every shop and click on the characters to earn 20 credits.

                Have fun!
                Come to the dark side,
                we have cookies.


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                  Re: The new sight

                  Thanks Mr. DooDah! Once I officially get a name I'll post it!


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                    Re: The new sight

                    i am also a Mice Chat and VMK player and i also sometimes play Habbo Hotel i have to say that VMK is substantially(hope i spelled that right) are doing well on VMK and my favorite activity is the street party misic game. What Mr. DOoDah for got is that there are only 2 shop characters(Shrunken Ned and Esmerelda) and the others you will find in Matterhorn, Dungeon, and PirateTreehouse this i thin k give you 100 credits a day
                    P.S my name on vmk is Guest658668(they changed it) and my other is Snowblind i can help as well when and/or if you need me
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                    VMK is da BEST
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