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Trading Stitch Hat


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  • Trading Stitch Hat

    Full Sparrow
    Brown Cowboy Shirts
    Green Explorer
    Minnie Hat
    Both Color Ears
    Flip Hat
    Bird Hat
    Gray Mansion

    Feel free to offer anything.

  • #2
    Re: Trading Stitch Hat

    As always, you can ask for a leader to be present during a trade:

    **Items in bold have been added
    **Items in Italics are rarer than others
    ** <--
    A Star means how rare/popular they are. More stars, rarer/more popular. Most is 3***
    - Full Set Retired Gold Hidden Mickey Items ( Rope, #Generator, Turnstile, Chair, Scoreboard, Penny Press )**
    - Full Kali Couch**
    - 50th Gold Director Chair ( Retired )*
    - 50th Gold Lamp ( Retired )*
    - Blue Soldier ( Retired Park Quest )**
    - Animator's Desk AND Stool ( Retired I believe )*
    - Animation Viewer ( PARK Quest )**
    - 4x Red Penny Presses ( Park Items )*
    - Green Blizzard Ski Chair ( ONLY through Slide Competition )*
    - HK Lamp PINK - Rare*
    - HOME THEATER Speaker, Speaker stand, and Subwoofer **
    - Baseball Predictometer*
    - HSM Piano ( Park Quest )*
    - 2x Tron Chairs & Tron Table ( Hyperspace Mountain Arcade Game ONLY )*
    - Football First Down Marker ( HOST Prize )*
    - Rocketship Couch MAGENTA ( Retired )*
    - MATCHING Stitch Teleporters ( Retired )*
    - Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Chair PINK ( Retired )*
    - 50th Director Chair Green *


    Thanks for looking!

    Last edited by WDWGirl; 06-02-2007, 06:09 PM.


    • #3
      Re: Trading Stitch Hat

      Errr....I offer 250,000 credits. :blink:


      • #4
        Re: Trading Stitch Hat

        I offer:


        Gray Mansion Pants
        Red HKDL Shirt
        Yellow Space Pants
        Yellow Space Shirt
        Cowboy Hat
        Yellow Explorer Vest With Camera
        Full Blue Dress (No Shoes or crown)
        Full Pirate Girl's Outfit
        3 Pirate Hats
        Black Flips


        Holiday 05 (Green and red one, really rare)
        Four Leaf Clover Pin (Old one)
        WDW Contemporary Hotel
        WDW Polynesian Hotel
        TDL Miracosta Hotel
        DLR DL Hotel
        Everest 1/5
        Everest 2/5
        Thrill Seeker's Quest Pin
        Fantasyland Quest Pin
        Tron Lightcycle Pin
        Churro Pin
        50th Celebration Quest Pin
        Treasure Cave
        Maui Tiki Pin
        4th Of July Pin
        Giraffe Pin
        New Years 06
        Ghost Host Pin
        Peter pan Quest Pin


        FULL Theatre (This includes: Theatre TV, Theatre Poster, 2 Speakers, 2 Speaker Stands, 2 Subwoofers, Film Table, Theatre Chair)
        1 Set of Matching Gold Doors
        Magenta Rocket
        Blue Wreath
        Rhino Jungle Cruise Poster (Not buyable, it's quest I think)
        Terabithia Treehouse Chair
        4 New Blizzard Beach Palm Trees

        5,000 credit Spree. (Sorry, I don't have a quest kiosk)

        That's it for now. Please let me know how you like it.
        Last edited by rosierabbit123; 06-02-2007, 07:42 PM.
        >Siggie Made By Moi<


        • #5
          Re: Trading Stitch Hat

          Editing Offer: Added Retired Blue Soldier*** Holiday Quest


          • #6
            Re: Trading Stitch Hat

            hmm, my offer:

            -5* Invisibility magic
            -2*snowman magic
            -5*fireworks magic
            -4*teleport magic
            -laughing hyena JC
            -zebra JC
            -Tink (valentines 06')
            -adventureland q pin
            -frontierlan q pin
            -football 07'
            -tron bit

            -gold mickey ears
            -black mickey ears
            -red baseball pants
            -herbie pants
            -herbie shirt(girls)
            -sorcerer hat
            -dream shirt

            -captains quaters couch
            -2x animation viewer
            -2x HSM piano bench
            -full kali river rapids couch
            -2x large theater speakers
            -2x theater subwoofers
            -theater now playing sign
            -galleon stern chair (wdw pirate set)
            -small treasure rug
            -theater reel table
            -blue aladdin carpet chair
            -2x magenta rocket
            -animators desk
            -animators stool

            -blue holiday wreath(retired WDW quest)


            • #7
              Re: Trading Stitch Hat

              Arg.. I think i traded way too much for my stitch hat.


              • #8
                Re: Trading Stitch Hat

                Lol, you couldn't have offered that much.. or did you? Hehe what was your offer?

                And, do you like mine?
                >Siggie Made By Moi<


                • #9
                  Re: Trading Stitch Hat

                  You will think im insane.
                  full theater
                  full yellow space
                  both ears
                  green explorer shorts
                  green blizzard beach chair
                  typhoon lagoon pin
                  pop century pin
                  bride in the attic pin
                  gracie pin
                  full herbie

                  Yepp... WAY TOO MUCH!!


                  • #10
                    Re: Trading Stitch Hat

                    Well, actually that was a pretty fair trade I wouldn't feel ripped off, but I understand why you're trading it O_o

                    Well, i'd say my offer has some stuff you traded for stitch in it. It doesn't have all of your wants, but is it good?
                    >Siggie Made By Moi<


                    • #11
                      Re: Trading Stitch Hat

                      What do you think of my offer as well? I had both Mickey Ears you wanted hehe


                      • #12
                        Re: Trading Stitch Hat

                        1x Full Sparrow **No pants o_o**
                        1x Green Explorer Top with Camera
                        1x Each Color Ears
                        1x Flip Hat
                        1x Gray Mansion Pants
                        1x Red Space Suit Code

                        Please let me know. Thank you.
                        Last edited by skateprincesariel; 06-02-2007, 08:04 PM.


                        • #13
                          Re: Trading Stitch Hat

                          I hate you, skate. Rotfl I'm kidding I <3 ye, buddy. You just knocked me out of the competition, I know that
                          >Siggie Made By Moi<


                          • #14
                            Re: Trading Stitch Hat

                            Originally posted by skateprincesariel View Post
                            1x Full Sparrow **No pants o_o**
                            1x Green Explorer Top with Camera
                            1x Each Color Ears
                            1x Flip Hat
                            1x Gray Mansion Pants
                            1x Red Space Suit Code

                            Right there with you Rosie - I just got knocked out


                            • #15
                              Re: Trading Stitch Hat

                              Full Sparrow
                              Green Explorer
                              Both Color Ears
                              Flip Hat
                              Bird Hat
                              Fight On!:sc: Beat the Red Wolves!

                              Tom Chaney Memorial Debate Lounge Quote of the Week:

                              The brick walls are there to stop the people who don't want it badly enough - Randy Pausch


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