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Rockin' trades

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  • Rockin' trades

    Yep I know how you feel, "Oh look another rockin' trades. When will they ever end" ok, ok down to business.

    This is what I'm trading:

    1x ace of spades carpet
    1x green barrel seat
    2x blue candy canes
    1x pink, red, green, and yellow candy canes
    3x chanukah presents
    2x chernabog rug
    2x cookie benches
    1x halloween bat bag
    1x halloween pumpkin bag
    1x blue rocking chair
    4x red heart chairs
    1x yellow dreidal chair
    1x kali pieces
    5x cannon wall
    2x pirate plain walls
    2x magenta rocket
    2x skeleton chair
    16x space mountain downhill pieces
    13x space mountain uphill pieces
    1x matching stitch teleporters
    1x spider wall web divider
    1x toontown fireplace
    1x tron tank yellow
    1x wanted poster
    7x pirate wells
    1x Blue soldier
    1x animator desk
    2x animator's desk stools
    1x briarstone
    1x pink heart chair
    2x red soldiers
    1x animation viewer
    1x christmas tree
    1x xmas at the helm
    1x candy dispenser
    2x everest ride carts
    1x captain hook dreams chair
    2x Karo tiki chairs
    1x Theatre TV
    1x tiki fountain
    4x ice chairs
    1x baseball bench
    1x Red cookie machine
    1x Blue cookie machine
    1x Red tiki
    1x Blue tiki divider
    2x red turnstyles

    1x fantasyland quest pin
    1x frontierland quest pin
    2x race day pins
    1x alice in wonderland quest pin
    4x club33
    1x dead man's chest
    1x dumbo quest
    1x dumbo
    1x halloween bat
    1x halloween pumpkin
    1x halloween witch
    1x holiday 2006 candy canes
    1x holiday 2006 christmas pin
    1x holiday 2006 wreath
    1x holiday 2006 snowflake
    1x IASW (not sword in the stone prize)
    1x golden giraffe
    1x liar's dice
    1x peter pan quest
    1x peter pan
    1x space mountain
    1x space mountain sign
    1x st. patty's day
    1x Tia's voodoo doll
    1x turkey leg

    1x gold ears
    1x witch hat
    1x green space helmet, pants, and shoes
    2x green space jacket
    1x native american headdress
    1x explorer's jacket yellow w/ camera (might trade the whole outfit if the offer is good enough)
    1x feather mask
    1x top hat
    1x santa hat
    1x st. patty's hat
    1x jafar hat
    1x mad hatter hat
    1x smee hat and shirt
    1x pink beret
    1x pirate w/ bird (boys only)

    1x blue wreath
    2x pink wreaths

    Pirate quest
    Red space magic (code)
    2x up-hill slide codes

    Will look at any and all offers!
    Last edited by ROCKINGEMAN; 07-01-2007, 09:01 AM. Reason: added items

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    Re: Rockin' trades

    BUMP. No one is interested?


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      Re: Rockin' trades

      What do you want for your blue soldier?


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        Re: Rockin' trades

        Well if you don't have anything from my wishlist, then really offer whatever you'd like.


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          Re: Rockin' trades

          I have a pirate bow chair, would that be fair?


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            Re: Rockin' trades

            Is that pirate q that is made up of two pieces? Just curious, and if it is, it's a deal


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              Re: Rockin' trades

              BUMP, I'm also looking for red space magic.


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                Re: Rockin' trades

                10,000 credits for Gold Ears?
                Who's tha muffin queen!? I'm tha muffin queen!! Now go get me a muffin =)


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                  Re: Rockin' trades

                  Originally posted by CG1994 View Post
                  10,000 credits for Gold Ears?
                  I'd do that trade, are you on now? I am trying to sign on.


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                    Re: Rockin' trades



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                      Re: Rockin' trades



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                        Re: Rockin' trades

                        hey Rock, i'll give you 2,000 credits for the following

                        2x Karo tiki chairs
                        1x tiki fountain
                        Last edited by JimbobJimbo; 06-26-2007, 08:20 AM. Reason: changed offer


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                          Re: Rockin' trades

                          Originally posted by JimbobJimbo View Post
                          hey Rock, i'll give you 2,000 credits for the following

                          2x Karo tiki chairs
                          1x tiki fountain
                          hmm. I guess that's fair since they were released in weekend quests not too long ago. I'm on now if you see this.


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                            Re: Rockin' trades

                            How many credits for full green space?

                            ^Made bye me^


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                              Re: Rockin' trades

                              Originally posted by CanadianMagicLeaf View Post
                              How many credits for full green space?
                              Hmm, is 1,500 ok?