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  • Thoughts of a Dragon...

    The other night I was sitting with my good friend who introduced me to VMK back in December of 2005. We got to talking about VMK because were going over the trade values of stuff in the game and were remembering what it was like to create offers for inferno that were basically a room full of quest. Or remember how the Cowboy outfit was the most difficult costume to obtain. And even Magic Mirrors were the obscure item.

    The conversation moved into VMK, as we were sitting in my guest room and players came and went and added their own thoughts to our conversation. It was basically a night of remembering. And it was fun.
    Through the course of these converations, I began to realize some things. I sometimes deny it, thinking its not true or if I do believe it, it will go to my head...but one of the topics that came up constantly was my popularity and ability to retain so much stuff, whether it was infernos, beta or even just a lot of buyables. As I sat there talking with these players, I realized that I see VMK in a different way than a lot of them do. For the most part it's a way to relax and forget life. VMK is a virtual vision of the actual Disney parks. And the purpose of the parks were not just a form of entertainment for the kids, but where adults could share in that entertainment and be kids themselves.

    Many of my friends notice that I tend to act like a little kid a lot...letting humor and sarcasm run wild. I guess it's just a way for me to let go and be free. It's about just having fun.

    It's evident when I play mini-games. Honestly, my best Jungle Cruise scores come from when I'm just playing around and not trying to score high. When I do try to score high, I just end up messing up so often that I get frustrated and play even worse. Same goes for Pirates and Fireworks and Mansion. It's when I'm just having fun that I'm doing my best.

    And when it comes to obtaining stuff, it's the same. It's a lot of work to build up an inventory like mine but you have to have fun in the process. Players like to collect and collect, but what do they do with the stuff they get? Stash it away usually. My motivation in the beginning for getting all my stuff was based on what I needed to build my rooms with. I love to design and create. I love to build. When you view it in terms of why you need the item rather than just going after the item just for the sake of having it, it's a whole other story.

    When I started, I was blessed to have a few good friends early on. Friends that helped me learn the ropes of trading and were generous enough to get me started. I have always believed that what goes around comes around. These friends were examples to me of how much generousity can inspire and motivate. After picking up the fireworks game, I moved up with a few weeks to being able to get the scores needed for winning the magic. It became easy enough that I was winning a pin every other day. But I would find myself in lobbies where other players were sad because they tried and tried but couldn't get to that same point. That became my chance to give back by giving some fireworks pins to these players. It surprises me, because even to this day, players come to my room and ask, "Do you remember me? You gave me a fireworks magic pin once." More than a year ago and they still remember.

    Another thing that came up was the question of when I would create another quest. My biggest problem right now is that I don't have stuff I feel is worth putting in the prize slots. Of course the usual thing people tell me is to "be like everybody else, just put buyables." But I can't do that. My quests are another way of giving to those who haven't had the same opportunities as I have. That and if you're going to do my quest, the prize should be worth the trouble. (If you've done one of my quests, you know what I'm talking about. Heh!)

    Others talk about me, mostly because of what I have. But of all the things I've gone through in the time I've spent on VMK...everything I've talked about above, the thing that I remember the most are the friends I've made along the way. So many people, I've come to know, respect and trust thanks to the trade circles I've walked in. Spending day after day going from trade room to trade room and them right there with me. The players who I've randomly just given something to without knowing who they were and months later they come back and remind me of what I once did for them. The players who come to my rooms and give me feedback on them or my quests. And then genrously donate their time to hang out and keep my rooms full and open. Or to help answer questions when I get tired of repeating myself. I can't tell you how many friends have been made under those circumstances.

    Lately there's been a lot of talk about VMK coming to an end. Well, I for one do not want that to happen. I could care less if I lose all my stuff. It's all 1's and 0's. But what I do care about are the relationships...the friendships, that have been created over the last year and a half. If I lost that, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

    So here's to all of friends (you know who you are)! Hoping for many more days of laughter, excitement and craziness on VMK!

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    Re: Thoughts of a Dragon...

    What a wonderful post...I as well have made some really wonderful friends on VMK and MC. I really hope VMK never comes to an end. You are definitely right about kind of escaping every day life when you play VMK...I feel the same way. I have 4 kids and I babysit 3 I escape into my world every day that I get on here!!

    That's awesome how you are with the other players. You have a great reputation in VMK!! That was really nice of you to give away the fireworks pins to the other players who couldn't get those high scores...only wish there were more players that were as nice and helpful as you.

    I have done 1 or 2 of your quests and every time they have been wonderful quests...can't wait for your next 1!!
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      Re: Thoughts of a Dragon...

      So true When I think of vmk I don't think about what trades I made (hee thought some are fun esp when you tell someone they have offered to much ) I think of the friends and the crazy things we've done. Simple fun like driving the cars around the track (woot big credits ) Or taking back the drive in and making it a taken free zone and sticking cyre in the trunk when she went afk on us hehe. Have a fun game with friends, gloating when you beat them and sulking when they beat you lol. Or just hanging out in each others rooms doing nothing but dancing and giggling. And the most entertaining hehe is dragon stocking and counting just how many times she gets asked about her inferno rofl, and when she decideds to go "afk" unannouced muahaha

      take that jediMihawk


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        Re: Thoughts of a Dragon...

        Originally posted by Midien View Post
        Or taking back the drive in and making it a taken free zone and sticking cyre in the trunk when she went afk on us hehe.
        :blink: yeah thanks ;P

        Seriously, you are right, dragon. That's what vmk is about to me, too. The friends. I've gone from virtual community to virtual community, and my MC/VMK friends are the best I've had. VMK is my escape, too, from the daily stresses of life.

        I see posts about people losing interest in the game. My reply to that was to the effect of looking at my friends list and seeing who was on that I could go harass for a while Unfortunately, it's usually Midien I end up going and stocking, lately

        I wish I had known about VMK back then. I did actually know about it earlier in 2006, because my cousin was playing it, but I didnn't give it a second thought until later in the year when i was bored one day.

        Lately i have to keep reminding myself that this stuff is all virtual, and not to be too fixed on whether or not i'm getting a good deal. Let someone else be happy, too, yanno? I love making rooms, I'm not the best at it, but I enjoy it.

        I don't remember if it was you or not, dragon, but i remember someone giving me a 1* fireworks magic sometime after I started VMK (end of sept).

        I give you a lot of credit, dragon. In some ways, in the eyes of some players, you're up there with staff. It's always funny to see your rooms fill up with friends and 'stockers' *coughmeandmidiencough* then see hwo quickly they empty after you leave. You take it all very well and roll with it hehe

        Ok time to end my monologue



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          Re: Thoughts of a Dragon...

          thanks for your thoughts Dragon :csmile: I was just recently added to your list, but before then i felt as if we were already good friends :cgrin:

          You bring up a lot of good points, i am sure once i spend a year on VMK i will have enough to reminisce about too, although i've got plenty right now :cwink:

          Thanks for being a good friend to many :csmile:

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            Re: Thoughts of a Dragon...

            Wow, Dragon - that's an amazing post. And I agree 100%. I can't imagine what I would do if VMK came to an end, and I lost all the AWESOME friends that I've made. Most of the BEST friends I've EVER made are right here on MC, but it's not the same ( you guys know what I mean ). There are soooooo many great memories I have on VMK from all the crazy times we've had together, and losing VMK is like losing a best friend in itself. Sure, I still try to get the rare items and whatever, but it's not the same if my friends aren't there too! I remember a while back when here on MC, I made a rather long post about my dad. And all the condolences and comments completely brightened my mood, and my day. You're all the greatest ( I can't say that enough! ) and some of the best people I've ever met. Thanks all you guys!

            And thanks VMK - for helping me meet, and become GREAT friends with sooooo many people.


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              Re: Thoughts of a Dragon...

              You might not remember me Dragon,lol.

              Like you,VMK to me is just a way to get away from real life and have fun.No need to be strict or anything.Sometimes you just need something to let loose and VMK is just one of those things. It's not like you can run around the building and act crazy if you're supposed to work.That would obviously result in being fired but on VMK,you can do all that and not get in trouble(though you might not want to play VMK while you're in your office "What are you doing playing!YOU NEED TO WORK!One more time I catch you playing that game and you're fired!" hehe,I do a good impression huh! )

              Dragon,you are remembered as an example,not as a player.Sure,some people might be jealous and they say you scam but YOU know in your heart,you got them through honest trades. You were even lucky enough to have special friends give you a start.(me too ,My friend wanted to have HSM dress when it just came out and didn't have enough credits,so I traded my HSM dress for a full blue dress.She knew it was worth more,and I kept saying,are you SURE?! Through which I kept getting the answer of yes,anyways back to you) Still,other people need to realize you're a player like any of them. If you scammed people so much to get the green baggy pants,and flips and so on,wouldn't you have been banned by now? Of course!But you didn't scam them.

              Anyhow, as I've said before,you might not remember me but then we're still all friends right? I really don't spend all THAT much time on VMK as I do on MC because of my friends on here.VMK's just another place that I get to spend my happy virtual life with friends.

              Hallelujah to Dragon for making this thread . I hope it opens the eyes of even 1 person,that friendships are more important than anything else(besides family,etc.)


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                Re: Thoughts of a Dragon...

                Dragon, for some reason I always end up reading your entire post rather than skimming through it like I do to a lot of other posts. You really get my attention when I see a post by you.

                When you mentioned playing Jungle cruise to have fun and not get high scores is when you get the high score. It's the same for me, in any game, on VMK or off.
                Thanks Rosie for the signature :vogue:


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                  Re: Thoughts of a Dragon...

                  I'm speechless. (i don't say that very often :blink
                  but i 100% agree, Dragon
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                    Re: Thoughts of a Dragon...

                    did you need a wrist brace after typing this, dragon?


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                      Re: Thoughts of a Dragon...

                      I've been noticing a lot that my friends on VMK have been leaving -- quite quickly after one another.

                      As my friend puts it "It's like our family is leaving! First it was ... and then smile, panda... "

                      Not all of them left but there's been a lot of VMK Drama going around, too. Oh, and my friend was refering to her family of friends. We are a tight knit group, although we are growing apart each and everyday. I believe all of the drama and such is from the lagging interest in VMK now.
                      I (and my other friend) find it very sad when our friends fight, for we are the one's who try to end the problems. And slowly, one by one, they get the idea of leaving VMK. They find it that if they leave VMK, their problem with another person would be gone forever. But that's just like running away from your fears. For when they DO come back (most of them actually do) they just go back into their old scrape with that one person all over again.

                      I actually have thought of the thought of leaving VMK once or twice. It is not very easy to leave VMK once you have started to play it (and actually made many, many wonderful caring friends). When you come to think of it, everyone on VMK has made 1 of those types of friends. I feel very fortunate that I have a few of those friends.

                      I better stop while I'm ahead. Enjoy reading my ever so long post >_< heh...


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                        Re: Thoughts of a Dragon...

                        um... i kind of have a question... its can you get fireworks magic from playing the game or could you just buy it at another time? ( I'm still kinda new and dont know much ) also i met one girl on vmk who said was having trouble with her parants and stuff. I felt bad for her i told her to be happy in vmk because she was just all sad all the time. vmk is a place to forget your problems and stuff in real life


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                          Re: Thoughts of a Dragon...

                          Thank you for sharing .


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                            Re: Thoughts of a Dragon...

                            Originally posted by fluffdog2 View Post
                            um... i kind of have a question... its can you get fireworks magic from playing the game or could you just buy it at another time?
                            We used to be able to get fireworks magic from the game before it became "remixed". I"m not sure if they still give out the magic from the game, but I've never came across it after they redid the game. It's still tradeable if you're looking into finding the magic though

                            I don't think that you could buy it -- at least anytime soon. It's possible that it would come back out either in stores or back into the fireworks game. As of right now, I'm pretty sure the only way to get the magic is by trading for it.


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                              Re: Thoughts of a Dragon...

                              Wow great post!!! Maybe if somebody shows disney this they will realize they cant have VMK end!!
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                              The End
                              Yeah the end. You heard me.
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