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Fantasyland VMK quest at disneyland


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  • Fantasyland VMK quest at disneyland

    I saw the VMK Central and grabbed three of the quests It's kind of fun to try and figure them out actually so I thought I'd put the questions up for you guys.

    1. The images upon King Arthur's Carousel, tell the story of which famous young damsel?

    2. Above the apple that cackles aloud, who's in the window standing proud?

    3. Towards the Matterhorn you must now set forth and find the yeti footprint from the slope in the North. What date was it discvovered?

    4. Look for the arch befoe the Train, which of these stories does it contain?
    Alice in Wonderland & Fantasia
    Dunbo & Pinocchio
    Sleeping Beauty & Cinderella

    5.Topiaries are creatures made from shrubs and trees, but you'll have to search hard to find one of these? the Yeti, The Loch Ness Monster, Hyacinth Hippo, Pegasus.

    6. All ovewr this Land you'll find lots of detail, but which of these places-NO Monstro the Whale?
    As the entrance to Storybook Land
    On Pinocchio's Daring Journey
    As a weathervane on Pinocchio's daring Journey
    As a topiary in front on "it's a small world."
    Nemo's not in slumberland anymore!

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    We did all three quests and this was the only quest where we got an answer wrong (#5). I'm falling off the geek wagon.


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      4. Look for the arch before the Train, which of these stories does it contain?

      What does THAT mean? Casey Jr?
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        There is an Arch somewhere near Casey Jr....

        You might want to check my photo album from Sunday for some help
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          Well found arch but was all wrong Anders even took pic to show the girl so I think they need to fix it.The Cm even said one of the guys who wrote the quiz took it and got one wrong!!!!! Um hello..


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            Last Sunday, I did it as part of a group of MiceAge folks, and we got them all correct, all based on finding the items in the park...

            I think the thing that might confuse folks is that the "crest" has 4 parts, and one of the 4 parts actually is representing THREE different folks, not just one character....

            The one I don't like, and many Critter Country CM's have also stated it, is the fact that they use the term "Brer" for ALL animals, not just the ones dressed like the characters from Song of the South.... Which makes question 6 very hard to get, as you need to find the "regular" bear over by Pooh to get the right answer....
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              i know I hate that too because i kept thinking " do they really mean him?" :unsure:
              Nemo's not in slumberland anymore!


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                question 5 is worded poorly in my opinion, it makes it sound like which one isn't there, when it's actually asking which one is there and as Crazy Legs said the crest one is wrong too in my opinion.


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